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Using lies to make Obamacare look incompetent

The graphic above has managed to be upvoted on Reddit to the point where it stands today at number 9 in the Hot category on the Front Page of the news aggregation site.

It was posted by user JoeInJapan on the /facepalm subreddit. 

It’s not until comment number 4 where user DancingCorpse has this to say about it:

That’s not Healthcare.gov and anyone who has ever actually used the site would know that. If I remember correctly, this image was taken from some stupid survey site or was spoofed using a survey maker. Probably easily verifiable by going to Snopes and searching “healthcare.gov have you died question”. This was a common Facebook propaganda spam two years ago.

The real face palm is that someone reposted this.

Snopes does have something to say about the graphic:

“The survey question was not related to Obamacare enrollment or Healthcare.gov.”

It should be noted that, against what seems logical to me, Snopes rated the graphic as Mostly False.

The question about death was not asked about Obamacare or on HealthCare.gov. Rather it does appear to have been asked in a survey, possibly a satirical one. somewhere at some time.

Just to be clear, the survey question was asked online somewhere starting about 2015, just never about Obamacare on HealthCare.gov.

Rating it as Mostly False instead of entirely false strikes me as Snopes splitting hairs and it gives the wrong impression if you don’t decipher the weird way this is explained on the Snopes page.

Rather than trying to explain it all away as humor from somewhere, I will offer another explanation.

It is entirely possible, based on what we know already about how they operate, that right-wing trolls purposefully introduced this graphic into the social media stream as just one small part of a larger effort to discredit Obamacare

After all, if the people who run Obamacare are so stupid that they put forth a survey question asking you if you died, how can they possibly be competent enough to manage your health care?

It’s part of the ongoing effort by conservatives to approach killing Obamacare with the death of a thousand cuts. If they cannot get rid of it outright — because a lot of conservative voters found they like many of Obamacare’s provisions once it became law — then they will try to slowly kill it through smaller steps.

Another way they have been doing this is by slowly chipping away at the administrative supports behind Obamacare. They’ve also been making it harder for insurance companies, many of whom have dropped out of Obamacare entirely, which is then blamed on the law itself and not the Republicans who are trying to undermine it.

This one graphic posted on Reddit — with 250 million users — is not the end of the world. But it has been picked up and shared across Facebook and elsewhere millions of other times.

So the next time someone tells you that HealthCare.gov asked this question as part of Obamacare enrollment, you can tell them they are wrong by sending them to this link

Internet trolls are masters at inserting right-wing talking points into the social media stream. Some of the efforts are well-organized. Click on the troll for information about one of those efforts.

Liberals, please stop giving ammunition to the other side

Here’s a story which, when I first saw it being discussed on a right-wing web site, I thought the entire thing was nonsense. I had to check Snopes to see if it was just another wild story conservatives were bandying about.

Sadly, maddeningly, it’s true:

A bill introduced in the California Assembly prohibiting restaurants from providing plastic straws to customers who don’t ask for them is intended to raise awareness about the harmful effects of plastic on the environment, not put waiters and bartenders in jail, its author says.

Majority Leader Ian Calderon (D-Whittier) answered criticisms that the January 2018 proposal threatens restaurant workers with jail time in a 25 January tweet:

But as those same critics pointed out, AB-1884 inserts new language into the Retail Food section of the California Health and Safety Code, violations of which are misdemeanors “punishable by a fine of not less than $25 or more than $1,000, or by imprisonment in the county jail for a term not exceeding 6 months, or by both.”

You read that correctly. Even though Majority Leader Calderon was really just trying to make a perfectly salient point about the effects of plastics on the environment, he didn’t do it by introducing a non-binding resolution or by holding a press conference — the usual way these kinds of things are done. He did it by introducing legislation that would amend the Health and Safety Code of the largest state in the union, complete with possible fines and jail time.

He wants a do-over now because, well, he wasn’t really serious about jailing wait staff or restaurant owners or managers for using plastic straws.


This is the majority leader of the California Assembly, not some naive waif of a newcomer who should have known better.

Conservatives aren’t believing his back-pedaling and this is one of those times I don’t really blame them, even if I am inclined to believe Calderon. If he wasn’t serious why did he want to give it the force of law — only to back off now that it has caused an uproar?

The most important point is not whether he was serious or not. It’s that liberals are masters at finding ways to give the opposition proof that conservative fears are real about progressives wanting to criminalize everyday behaviors to achieve their social agenda.

Put another way: How can we be surprised when the National Rifle Association (NRA) finds fertile ground for whipping up its troops over any gun-related legislation? If liberals will use the long arm of the law to come after your drinking straws, why is it so inconceivable that they might some day come after guns?

Stop it, please. Just stop it. You’re hurting our cause and giving Fox News something with which to whip people up about nothing.

Incidentally, this comes from the press release Calderon sent out explaining his introduction of AB-1884:

An estimated 500 million straws are used in the United States every day. This number is enough to fill over 127 school buses each day and is calculated to be about 1.6 straws per person in the U.S.  In a summary of all trash collected as part of California’s Coastal Cleanup Day between 1989 and 2014, straws and stirrers rank as the 6th most common item collected.

That 500 million number? It’s not from an academic study nor from rigorous research of an environmental think tank. It comes from a 16-year-old who started a straw-free campaign when he was nine years old.

That doesn’t necessarily make it untrue, but it is an estimate he obtained from making phone calls to straw manufacturers. (Good for him for trying, BTW.)

But now that 500 million figure is bandied about on the Left as if it was handed down by the Harvard School of Public Health. Which also adds to the impression that our side will latch onto, and then repeat as gospel, any numbers which prove our points.

Click on the graphic below for more information on trash in our oceans.

Snopes: Was Abraham Lincoln Racist? edition

flatulence weight loss waist measure jefferly.com diet plan farts snopes
Sorry, internet. You’ll have to try something other than the widely-discussed flatulence diet plan.

From “White Student Unions” to allegedly racist Abraham Lincoln protest signs, this week’s Snopes takes on some pretty widely disseminated myths and possible myths. Even a certain blog, which shall remain nameless, thought the Campbell’s Soup hoax was real. (Wishful thinking will lure you into believing every time!)

So let’s get to it:

Contrary to Internet search engine wisdom, farting does not burn 67 calories and is not a practical weight loss mechanism.

Anonymous sources said rumors of an ISIS attack at a WWE event didn’t come from their operatives.

No, President Obama didn’t ban Christmas trees or “Merry Christmas” from VA facilities.

Toby Keith has not recorded a song nor is he planning a benefit concert for Syrian refugees.

Rumors claimed eight Syrians were “caught” sneaking into the United States

Donald Trump insisted he saw footage of Muslims cheering in New Jersey on 9/11, but the incident he referenced never occurred.

A Superman poster shows the comic book hero talking to children about the importance of respecting diversity.

Missouri State University students protested to get Abraham Lincoln removed from all U.S. currency because they believe that the former president was racist.

A number of lesser-known Dr. Seuss works espoused a firm stance on political issues of the day.snopes

A viral quote describing various tragedies in the life of Keanu Reeves was not penned by the actor.

Social media rumors claimed President Obama dropped leaflets warning ISIS militants of imminent airstrikes against them.

A photo of Syrian children killed in an attack is real, but it dates back to August 2013.

Lawyers representing the family of “clock kid” Ahmed Mohamed sent Irving city officials letters demanding payment of $15 million in damages and apologies.

A Facebook page mimicking Fox News published an odd, fabricated claim about a carnivorous “pot rabbit plague.”

An official Campbell’s representative did not insult a customer on the company’s Facebook page after she expressed her views on same-sex unions.

There probably isn’t even one legitimate white student union at a major university, much less dozens of new ones.

On 22 November 2015, the Facebook page New Yorkers posted a photo purportedly showing a 41 lb rat that was caught in New York City.

No, UPS isn’t smuggling refugees into the United States in the dead of night.

A Facebook offer for a 50% off coupon good at Target retail stores is a survey scam.

No, National Geographic hasn’t begun covering nonsense since their merger with Fox. Campbell soup can

President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s racial background has sparked a number of long-circulating rumors, but there’s no compelling evidence behind such claims.

Is Saudi Arabia allowing thousands of air-conditioned tents to stand empty while keeping out Syrian refugees?

No, cranberry farmers aren’t netting and canning dolphins during the harvest season.

There is a secret card hidden in the lid of the Cards Against Humanitycard game.

Video of a Black Friday fight over vegetable steamerswas probably staged. 

That’s it for this week!

Remember: don’t initially believe everything you read, no matter how much it validates your beliefs. 

saudi arabia jefferly.com tents air conditioned refugees
An image widely used to disseminate a story alleging thousands of tents stand empty in Saudi Arabia, which is purportedly refusing to take in Arab refugees its policies are helping to create.

Snopes: Fappy the Anti-Masturbation Dolphin edition

Patti Labelle jefferly.com sweet potato pie
Love ’em or hate ’em, Patti LaBelle’s pies will not make you sick.

Fake news reports hundreds of people died after eating the Patti LaBelle brand ‘Patti’s Sweet Potato Pie.’

A photograph depicting the arrival of 10,000 Syrian refugees in New Orleans in November 2015 was actually taken in Hungary in September 2015.

Fappy the Anti-Masturbation Dolphin was not arrested for swimming naked at SeaWorld, because such a mascot does not exist.

A “Pastafarian” member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti
Monster was allowed to wear a spaghetti strainer on her head
for her driver’s license photo.

Fappy dolphin jefferly.com masturbation

President Obama has not issued an order banning U.S. service members from using the word “Christmas.” 

An uplifting social media rumor about the purportedly heroic actions of a security guard named Zouheir during the Paris attacks was largely inaccurate.

A Facebook rumor claims images depict “starving” refugees from Syria just entering the U.S., but the pictures were actually taken in Australia back in 2013.

Rumors circulated in military family groups claiming “support Paris” profile photo filters were being used by ISIS to track soldiers’ families.

The USPS isn’t issuing a new religiously-themed Christmas stamp this year, but versions from previous years will still be available for purchase.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation did not warn local
police departments about a terrorist attack planned for
Black Friday.

The Tsarnaev family entered the U.S. on tourist visas and then sought political asylum once they were here.

Social media users shared a 1938 Harvard Crimson poll about Holocaust refugees, but the newfound article lacked some pertinent historical context.

Contrary to popular meme, Japan has not been able to “keep Islam at bay” by enforcing strict laws on Muslims.

A photograph of protesting “Muslim women” was taken in Tehran in 2013, not the United States in 2015.

A deceptive video purportedly showing Muslim refugees engaging in acts of violence has gone viral.

Social media users claim Tidy Cats cat litter is causing breathing problems in cats.

A photograph supposedly documenting that asylum seekers stayed in hotels while American vets remained homeless was actually taken in England.

Steve Jobs’ biological father was a Syrian-born man who once fled unrest in his native country; but he appears to have been an immigrant, not a refugee.

Otto Frank, father of Anne Frank, desperately tried to enter the U.S. to spare his family.

Russian President Vladimir Putin did not say “To forgive the terrorists is up to god, but to send them to him is up to me.”

A video of Syrian refugees purportedly complaining about a lack of TVs and slow internet has been taken far out of context.

Fort Hood shooter Nidal Hasan was born in Virginia, and was neither “vetted” nor ever a refugee.

Social media controversy erupted over a receipt tip field where a man purportedly stiffed his waitress and mocked her for being an immigrant.

Well, there you have it: non-stop rumors and outright fabrications about immigrants and refugees in a country founded on them.

God Bless America!

pastafarian jefferly.com colander


Snopes update: Satanic Nae Nae edition


Check out this week’s update from Snopes, the website that keeps the internet honest by looking into rumors, pop legends and deliberate misinformation.

FACT CHECK: Are dogs noses used to manufacture the thumbsticks on Nintendo GameCube controllers?

FACT CHECK: Did Scott Walker say that Labor Day should be replaced with Patriots Day?

FACT CHECK: Was a blue sensor installed in a woman’s iPhone with the intent of tracking her whereabouts?

FACT CHECK: Did Pope Francis say that the Nae Nae was a satanic dance? 

FACT CHECK: Did Sarah Palin say that Native Americans should go back to their homeland of Nativia?

FACT CHECK: Is a lesbian judge refusing to marry straight people,  an action similar to the one for which Kim Davis was jailed?

FACT CHECK: Is the Navy ship the USS Ronald Reagan being renamed the USS Obama?

FACT CHECK: Do crown tattoos secretly signal that a woman is or once was sold into slavery?

NEWS: Judy Carne of Laugh-In fame has passed away.

FACT CHECK: Did Kim Davis object to being in an all-female jail because there were too many lesbians?

FACT CHECK: Were a father and son gravely sickened at an Omaha Ramada resort by a hotel room coffee pot that was used to cook meth by a previous guest?

NEWS: Dozens were sickened at a German homeopathy conference after ingesting a drug, but the folks involved weren’t necessarily doctors nor poisoned.

FACT CHECK: Has deer season been canceled in one or several states?

FACT CHECK: Did immigrants illegally residing in the United States file a lawsuit against the state of Georgia demanding drivers licenses?

FACT CHECK: Did a Southern Baptist pastor criticize the actions of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in a Facebook status update?

FACT CHECK: Can Facebook users check if their accounts have been hacked by inserting @[4.0] into posts?

FACT CHECK: Will the Halloween celebrated on 31 October 2015 will be the 666th in history?

That’s it for this week. Don’t believe everything you read!

Disney Nae Nae jefferly.com
This particular Nae Nae gathering might look Satanic but, no, the Pope did not say the dance itself is Satanic.

Snopes update: selfie stick assault edition


Check out this week’s update from Snopes, the website that keeps the internet honest by looking into rumors, pop legends and deliberate misinformation.

FACT CHECK: Did a woman stab her boyfriend with a sharpened selfie stick because he didn t like her newest Instagram selfie quickly enough?

FACT CHECK: Did Donald Trump say that the  dirtiest  and  thievingist Mexicans come from Puerto Rico?

FACT CHECK: Did Donald Trump say that he would have owned Dr. Ben Carson 150 years ago? 

FACT CHECK: Did Ben Carson say slavery was the  best thing that could have happened  to blacks?

FACT CHECK: Are the welfare-gaming claims made in a piece titled  New American Way of Life  accurate?

FACT CHECK: Should parents be aware of a seemingly benign calculator app which enables users to hide photos on phones and tablets?

FACT CHECK: Did President Obama blame Virginia shooter Vester Lee Flanagan s actions on  white privilege ?trump snopes

FACT CHECK: Does Mt. McKinley s former and new name,  Denali,  mean  Black Power  in Kenyan?

FACT CHECK: In 2015 will Halloween fall on Friday the 13th for the first time in 666 years?

NEWS: After American Airlines canceled service from Tel Aviv to Philadelphia, rumors circulated suggesting the carrier wished to mollify Arab business interests.

FACT CHECK: Does Locks of Love sell most donated hair for profit and charge ailing children exorbitant amounts of money for wigs?

FACT CHECK: Did Ann Coulter refer to President Obama as a  retard,  prompting a response from a Special Olympics athlete?

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph show big game hunter Ian Gibson being killed by an elephant?

NEWS: Arby s apologized after receiving reports a police officer was refused service at a location in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

FACT CHECK: Is a Harley Davidson dealership sponsoring a Nation of Islam rally?

GLURGE: A Facebook user reported the glurgeriffic tale of a black police officer voiding his speeding ticket after they shared a moving, harmonious interaction.

FACT CHECK: Does a video show how to tie shoelaces without the use of hands?

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph depict a disabled grocery store bagger who was verbally abused by an angry customer?

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph show President Obama posing next to a mile 69 marker in Alaska?

NEWS: An 11-year-old shot and killed an alleged intruder during a break-in in St. Louis County, Missouri, but neighbors disputed that account.

FACT CHECK: Were four firefighters from Maywood, Illinois sent home from work over the display of an American flag sticker? 

FACT CHECK: Was a tweet sent by journalist Chris Hurst about the death of his girlfriend Alison Parker published before the shooting occurred?


This week’s Snopes update


The Snopes.com web site investigates rumors that are bouncing around the internet. Some of the rumors are old. Some were in the news. When the rumors are false, they tend toward the ridiculous end of the spectrum usually involving some right-wing craziness about black helicopters coming to take away their bibles and guns or forcing all of us to submit to microchip implants.

Here are some of the latest. Remember, some of these are not new, but Snopes posts an alert when the page is updated in some way. Have fun informing yourself about the crazy stuff people come up with — or are actually doing.

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph shows two young boys who disappeared from their home in 1920 after discovering a treasure map?

NEWS: The National Cancer Institute reported that cannabis killed cancer cells in preclinical studies.

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph show Michelle Obama sporting a Black Panther shirt?


FACT CHECK: Is Lansing, Michigan, hosting a Ramadan Unity Dinner on 11 September 2015?

FACT CHECK: Do all police cars (marked and unmarked) have  L  as the final letter of their license plates?

SCAM: Survey scam masquerades as a Meijer $100  Back to School” coupon offer.

FACT CHECK: Have scientists discovered whales living in Lake Michigan?

FACT CHECK: Did a federal judge order Brandon High School in Mississippi to remove the hymn  How Great Thou Art from their marching band s halftime show?

FACT CHECK: Did Chelsea Clinton say that she erased her mother Hillary Clinton s e-mails due to postpartum depression?

FACT CHECK: Did Chris Christie say that teachers should make only minimum wage plus bonuses?

FACT CHECK: Was a young girl s Wonder Woman lunchbox described as being too violent  in a school s letter to parents?

FACT CHECK: Did Josh Duggar seek a  brother-sister  type affair on the infidelity-based dating web site Ashley Madison?

FACT CHECK: Did Vice President Joe Biden say that the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?

That’s it for this week!


This week’s Snopes update

Every week I get an e-mail of updates to the Snopes.com web site that investigates rumors that are bouncing around the internet. Some of the rumors are old. Some were in the news. When the rumors are false, they tend toward the ridiculous end of the spectrum usually involving some right-wing craziness about black helicopters coming to take away their bibles and guns or forcing all of us to submit to microchip implants.

Here are some from this week. Remember, some of these are not new, but Snopes sends an alert when the page is updated in some way. Have fun informing yourself about the crazy stuff people come up with — or are actually doing.

Rumor: Photograph shows a deceased Marilyn Monroe in her funeral casket.

Rumor: An attempted child abduction at an amusement park was thwarted because the kidnappers forgot to change the child’s shoes.

Rumor: Singer Justin Bieber will be replacing the late actor Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious  film series.

Scam: Online buyers pay with cashier’s checks larger than the purchase price, then ask that the overage be sent to a third party.

News: A viral video of Kevin Christopherson flying an ultra-light trike close to an elk herd prompted more than 30 complaints to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

Fake News: Reports that all Taco Bell outlets in the U.S. will be closing on 1 June 2015.

Rumor: A photograph from the 1920s shows a group of women listening to a lecture about sex.

Rumor: The Allman Brothers’ album title ‘Eat a Peach’  is a reference to Duane Allman’s fatal motorcycle accident.

News: Petco has apologized after a customer’s dog died of heatstroke in a drying cage.

Rumor: Facebook warning alerts dog owners about potential serious adverse reactions to Frontline brand flea and tick treatment.

News: June 2015 may see what’s known as a ‘strawberry moon,’ but that term has nothing to do with the color of the moon’s appearance.

Rumor: An NBC Nightly News segment reported that “all Americans will receive a microchip implant in 2017.”

Rumor: Britney Spears took her hit song “Oops I Did It Again” from a Louis Armstrong production.

Rumor: Caitlyn Jenner will receive an ESPY award, but critics say Noah Galloway should have been chosen.

News: Two men were purportedly arrested for manspreading in NYC.

Rumor: A couple was sent to a hospital emergency room after mistaking glue for lubricant.

Rumor: Did the animated series ‘Family Guy’ predict back in 2009 that Bruce Jenner would become Caitlyn Jenner?

News: A BBC reporter’s erroneous tweet started a rumor that Queen Elizabeth had died.

Rumor: A public smoking ban will go into effect in New Brunswick on 1 July 2015.

Rumor: Caitlyn Jenner announced she regrets becoming female and will soon transition back to male.

News: Facebook user Terry Coffey’s post about Caitlyn Jenner went viral, and he shared an interesting update afterwards.

Rumor: Pope Francis holds an advanced degree in chemistry.

Rumor: Ted Cruz was overheard calling President Obama the n-word at a fundraiser.

News: At least one new Taco Bell, in Chicago’s Wicker Park, is slated to begin serving alcoholic beverages.

Rumor: Izabel Laxamana died in an apparent suicide prompted by her father’s posting of a punishment video.

Was a septuagenarian expelled from a KFC restaurant for breastfeeding her 42-year-old-son on the premises? Find out in this week’s updates.

Every week I get an e-mail of updates to the Snopes.com web site that investigates rumors that are bouncing around the internet. Some of the rumors are old. Some are new. When the rumors are false, they tend toward the ridiculous end of the spectrum usually involving some right-wing craziness about black helicopters coming to take away their Bibles and guns.

Here are some from this week. Remember, some of these are not new, but Snopes sends an alert when the page is updated in some way. Have fun informing yourself so you can debate your crazy right-wing friends next time they bring this stuff up.

Updates This Week

Rumor: Good2Grow is accused of using Sharpie pens to change expiration dates on their juice products.

Rumor: An escaped herd of buffalo disrupted the New York State Thruway.

Rumor: The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled it illegal for police officers to make eye contact with members of the public.

Rumor: A septuagenarian was expelled from a KFC restaurant for breastfeeding her 42-year-old-son on the premises.

Rumor: Christianists charge that graphic image depicts a woman in Saudi Arabia whose mouth and eye were sewn shut because she professed her Christian faith.

Rumor: Comedian Tamale Rocks says a two-way mirror was hidden in the bathroom of bar Cigars and Stripes.

Rumor: Police in Baltimore issued a warning about possible gang collusion.

Rumor: Albert Einstein described love as a ‘universal force’ in a letter to his daughter, Lieserl.

News: The nutball governor of Texas says the state will monitor Jade Helm exercises.

Rumor: Photograph shows a bunch of black dolls hung from a tree in a Baltimore neighborhood to intimidate protesters.

Rumor: Freddie Gray was injured in a car accident and underwent spinal surgery prior to his arrest and death.

Rumor: Is Joni Mitchell in a coma? A rep for the singer say she’s now alert and responsive.

News: The arrest of protest organizer Joseph Kent, live on CNN, caused outcry on social media.

Rumor: Wingnuts are up in arms because a nine-year-old boy was expelled from school allegedly because he said he didn’t like President Obama.

News: A new report claims Freddie Gray injured his own spine.

Rumor: The soles of Vans brand shoes are adorned with the Star of David so that wearers will ‘stomp on Jews.’

Go check them out and scratch your head or have some laughs.

This week's Snopes round-up

SnopesLogoEvery week I get an e-mail of updates to the Snopes.com web site that investigates rumors that are bouncing around the internet. Some of the rumors are old. Some are new. When the rumors are false, they tend toward the ridiculous end of the spectrum usually involving some right-wing craziness about black helicopters coming to take away their bibles and guns.

Here are some from this week. Remember, some of these are not new, but Snopes sends an alert when the page is updated in some way. The rumor is listed first, followed by a button that will take you to the latest update for that rumor. Each button points up to the rumor with which is it associated. Have fun informing yourself so you can debate your crazy right-wing friends next time they bring this stuff up.

Updates This Week

Rumor: A Mattel talking doll uttered the phrases ‘Islam is the light’ and ‘Satan is king.’

snopes.com Update  11 April 2015_html_7b48ee78

Rumor: President Obama had a Marine staff sergeant relieved for pointing out that his U.S. flag lapel pin was upside-down.

snopes.com Update  11 April 2015_html_7b48ee78

Rumor: President Obama is purging military leaders who will not agree to fire on U.S. Citizens.

snopes.com Update  11 April 2015_html_7b48ee78

Rumor: Photograph shows a young Nancy Pelosi as ‘Miss Lube Rack’ of 1959.

snopes.com Update  11 April 2015_html_7b48ee78

Rumor: The White House used passages from the Koran during its annual Easter egg hunt.

snopes.com Update  11 April 2015_html_7b48ee78

Rumor: A photograph shows Scott Walker posing in lingerie on a Nazi flag.

snopes.com Update  11 April 2015_html_7b48ee78

Rumor: The NRA has banned the carrying of guns from their own national convention.

snopes.com Update  11 April 2015_html_m49a89885

Rumor: A portrait of Abraham Lincoln was removed from the White House to make way for a picture of the Obamas’ pet dogs.

snopes.com Update  11 April 2015_html_7b48ee78