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This person loves their PB&Js

Some people are sticklers for correct grammar. Some people are rock or classical music purists. And then some people don’t like you messing with their peanut butter and jelly.

I feel the same way about putting almond or soy milk on cereal.

Apple Jacks and Cocoa Krispies should be eaten the way nature intended: with whole milk. 

Don’t get me started on this issue. I could go on and on. As could many of us, the cereal like-minded

How to subtly prank co-workers, friends

Wireless Mouse jefferly.com subtly fuck with people reddit

Upvoted has a great collection of GIFs and other graphics to accompany its article about answers collected from a simple question about the art of the simple prank:

Earlier this year, Reddit user ThrowawayCallsYouOut posed this question for the Ask Reddit community—calling upon all the mischief-makers, rabble-rousers, and human gremlins of the Internet for their best tips on how to subtly ruin someone else’s day.

To some, this may sound like simple real-life trollery, but for devotees of low-stakes hijinks, subtly fucking with people is an art of the highest order.

And so, to elevate redditors’ shenanigans to their proper place in the annals of history, Upvoted’s artist-in-residence, Li-Anne Dias, has brought some of the best pranks to life with original illustrations.

A complete collection at this link

Get to it everyone. You have an entire season of boring holiday parties at which you can amuse yourselves.

Look Familiar jefferly.com reddit. I do porn

Stephen Hawking on income inequality

Professor Stephen Hawking's answer to a question about "technological unemployment" that was asked on Reddit AMA in October 2015.
Professor Stephen Hawking’s answer to a question about “technological unemployment” which was asked on Reddit AMA in October 2015.

Aim high and reach for the stars


I flew all the way over here for this?

Put me down! Put me down!


Here's a funny story they will never be able to tell their grandkids

“One day when we were younger your grandmother and I were playing around….”

Here’s a cautionary tale for your Tuesday: Be very careful when cleaning your marital aids, you may just set your entire house (and the internet) on fire and then everyone will remember you as “the dude who burned down a house cleaning objects he pushed up his butt.” And that kind of title is going to stick with you. Forever. FlamingDildos

This tale, first posted by BroBible, comes from Reddit, the internet’s confessional, where one man just had to let his shame out. And shame is right. What other things are you going to feel after setting your house on fire while trying to boil a few dildos clean? Also, real quick: Is that a thing? Don’t you just wash them real good? I know a former roommate used to put them in the dishwasher (gross, reason I moved out) but putting them into a pot to boil? What are you making? Cum-glop soup?

Here’s the whole story, which scores a one on the Reddit karma-whoring scale. That means I totally believe it because I have also accidentally almost burned down everything in my immediate vicinity while being distracted by the TV or the telephone.

The graphic with the story (see above) is almost at great as the story itself. Entire story, click here.