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What do vampires do in their off time?

Vampire movies tend to concentrate on the stalking and killing of unsuspecting victims . But what do these denizens of the night do in their off-time when they are not drinking blood or sleeping in their coffins?

I just watched “What We Do In The Shadows,” the 2014 self-described “New Zealand vampire” mockumentary that answers these questions in hilarious ways from the creators of “Flight Of The Conchords.”

For example, if vampires famously have to be invited into the homes and businesses of their victims, what happens when they go clubbing? It can be tricky to get a club doorman to actually say the words necessary to gain entry. 

These three vampire roommates deal with the day-to-day issues with which we have all wrestled, albeit with macabre twists such as one roommate who keeps leaving human spines laying around for the others to trip over and won’t clean up his bloody dishes.

One of the roommates, Vladislav (the “pervert” who likes orgies) goes on and on ad nauseum about the times he’s battled The Beast,  which turns out in the end to just be the derogatory nickname he’s chosen for his hated ex-girlfriend. 

There is a scene where our vampire protagonists (and one human IT nerd) are out for a walk and get into a verbal pissing match with a group of passing werewolves in human form who are trying to stop using salty language. (“We’re werewolves, not swearwolves” they keep chanting in unison whenever one of them says “fuck” or “shit.” )

The entire movie is brilliant, but the jokes fly by quickly and often quietly, so I’ll have to watch again to catch all the ones I missed.

How did I not hear about this movie when it was in theatres?

This blog is not about movie reviews, but if you liked “Shaun Of The Dead” you will probably like this one.

Available on Amazon Prime now. It was on Netflix but is available there no more. 

The French Scrabble champion who doesn’t speak French

Imagine winning a foreign country’s national Scrabble championship without speaking more than a handful of words in the native language.

Meet the Rainman of Scrabble:

Nigel Richards’ command of the language of Molière, as the French like to call it, stretches to “bonjour” and being able to count. However, the New Zealander who has been called “the Tiger Woods of Scrabble” certainly has a way with words – even French ones.

Despite his linguistic handicap, Richards has just won the francophone world Scrabble championships after reportedly memorising the entire French Scrabble dictionary in just nine weeks.

“He doesn’t speak French at all – he just learned the words,” his close friend Liz Fagerlund told the New Zealand Herald. “He won’t know what they mean, wouldn’t be able to carry out a conversation in French, I wouldn’t think.”

Richards, 48, who has won the English world Scrabble championships three times, the US national championships five times and the UK Open six times, beat a rival from French-speaking Gabon in the final held at Louvain-la-Neuve in Belgium on Monday.

During the match, which he won by two games to nil, he even successfully challenged his rival Schélick Ilagou Rékawé’s use of a form of the verb “fureter” (to snoop).

He was given a standing ovation by the mainly French-speaking crowd.

Wow. You must be really good when those snotty French give you a standing O.


Source: The French Scrabble champion who doesn’t speak French | Life and style | The Guardian