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Bad kitty!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate it.

And to all my cat lover friends and followers.

Cat affirmations in the mirror every morning

Cat affirmation jefferly.com
It’s tough being a cat. But with cat affirmations when you wake up — in the morning when the humans aren’t awake yet — you can psych yourself up to be the best cat you can be. 

You ARE awesome. You WILL catch a mouse today. They like YOU better than that dog. You WILL sleep like a pro. NOBODY feigns disinterest like you do.

Get a room!

I’ve never met a dog like you before. The feel of your fur. The smell of your ear. Pay no attention to that camera….

Rainbow kitty is pleased with the Supreme Court

Cats, animated GIFs and rainbows. You’re welcome.


Culinary defeat


Put me down! Put me down!


This catnip kicks ass!