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Swing Left announces college fellowships to help flip the House

Swing Left, the self-described “grassroots network of 300,000 volunteers working to take back the House in the 2018 midterm elections,” is looking for college students for political organizing fellowships.

Does your state include one of the many districts which judged — using polling data, election results, registration numbers, etc. — to be a district that could be wrung from the control of today’s out-of-control GOP? Click here for a map to find out if you live in or near one of these districts.

If so, you could be chosen for a college fellowship during which you get real political and grassroots organizing experience to put on your resume, with the added benefit of helping to flip the U.S. House of Representatives away from the rubber stamp it has become for the Trump Administration and Wall Street excess.

Swing Left adds that you will be learning from what Swing Left calls its “organization led by professionals from the tech, media, nonprofit and art worlds in collaboration with veteran political organizers and strategists.”

Here’s what I love about Swing Left: they aren’t just talking. They are taking concrete action to help take us away from this national political nightmare in which we are all living.

Incidentally, even if you are not a college student you can still get involved if you live in one of those swing districts.

If you know a college student interested in political organizing, let them know about this opportunity.