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Bad kitty!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate it.

And to all my cat lover friends and followers.

Things certified cat behaviorists say

So I ran across this article online:

Those empty boxes may be trash to you, but your cat can’t get enough of them. What’s up with Fluffy’s affinity for cardboard castles?

There are several reasons why cats love boxes, but the big one is safety and security, says Marilyn Krieger, a certified cat behavior consultant and owner of TheCatCoach.com.

Boxes are like Winterfell! Casterly Rock! The Wall! But for cats!

I knew it! I totally got this one, people.

Who certifies cat behaviorists? Is it expensive? Is it difficult to get certified? Is the process certified by some questionable accreditation organization that seems to accredit just about anybody? Do they take advantage of have special programs for military veterans?

I know tons about cats*, and not because I can, you know, read cat minds. I just know things. I know a lot of things. Terrific things. The greatest things. The best things you can know about cats? I know.

“Mr. Cat Behaviorist, why did my cat piss in the bed and shit in my slippers?

“Because he is angry at you.”

“Angry at me for what?”

“How the hell do I know? That wasn’t part of my certification. Next!”

See? I feel as if I am at least halfway to certification already.

*Although there was that time I bought my male cat one of those motorized, battery-driven automatic cat pooper scooper litter boxes. Except my cat kept urinating not in the litter, but directly onto the battery compartment, shorting it out and eventually ruining the $100-plus contraption.

You ever tried cleaning cat piss out of a battery compartment? Not pretty.

I never did figure that one out. Perhaps that issue is covered in one of the advanced cat behavior courses.

Source: Why Do Cats Like Boxes? | PawCulture

A cat in her cat fort. May or may not be an actual pet cat. Actors may have been used.

A day at the Cat Museum

No interest whatsoever for the Meowna Lisa.


Pavlov’s cat: harder to use in experiments

Pavlov's cat jefferly.com
Pavlov found that working with cats was far different than working with dogs.

Cat affirmations in the mirror every morning

Cat affirmation jefferly.com
It’s tough being a cat. But with cat affirmations when you wake up — in the morning when the humans aren’t awake yet — you can psych yourself up to be the best cat you can be. 

You ARE awesome. You WILL catch a mouse today. They like YOU better than that dog. You WILL sleep like a pro. NOBODY feigns disinterest like you do.

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