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AZ Congressman is a real nut job

The Charlottesville Nazi march was a false flag operation by liberals. George Soros betrayed and looted from the Jews in Germany. Congressman Paul Gosar goes full InfoWars on CNN.

And he’s a dentist, apparently, which just goes to show you that a formal education is wasted on some people.

Of course he was endorsed by Sarah Palin, the standard-bearer for all things ignorant. 

What is wrong with Arizona that they keep voting for these screwballs? By all means, vote for a fiscal conservative. But why keep putting guys like this in office?

Snopes update: Pope tablecloth trick edition

snopesCheck out this week’s update from Snopes, the website that keeps the internet honest by looking into rumors, pop legends and deliberate misinformation.

If you look at no other post, look at the one on Ben Carson and the alleged Popeye’s robbery. He is either shameless or mentally unbalanced. And do read the page about Armstrong Williams, his spokesperson. Another huckster.

Now, on to Snopes.

NEWS: Did Dr. Ben Carson say that he has  no idea how gravity works while asserting that climate change is a  hoax ?

FACT CHECK: Did Dr. Ben Carson say that  anatomically, a Muslim’s brain is wired differently than ours ?

FACT CHECK: Does an image show a photograph of Umpqua shooter Chris Harper-Mercer altered by CNN to make him appear white?

FACT CHECK: Was Umpqua Community College a  gun-free zone when nine people were fatally shot there in October 2015?

FACT CHECK: Did a 14-year-old girl become pregnant after receiving a flu shot?

FACT CHECK: Is an image contrasting radically different gun laws and homicide rates in Honduras and Switzerland accurate?

FACT CHECK: Are workplaces banning ham, sausages, and other pork foods because Muslims are offended by them?

Pope Tablecloth jefferly.com snopes
The Pope and a tablecloth: low comedy?

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph depict a school art project titled  candlelight  that yielded unexpectedly suggestive paintings?

FACT CHECK: Does the same crying woman appear in photographs taken at the scenes of massacres in Sandy Hook, Aurora, Boston, and Oregon?

FACT CHECK: Does a photograph capture Albert Einstein playing an electric guitar?

FACT CHECK: Was a man named Dontray Mills convicted of trafficking guns but pardoned by President Obama?

FACT CHECK: Does a video show a shark swimming down a flooded street after heavy rains in West Ocean City, Maryland?

FACT CHECK: Did a man spit in the face of a young Marine holding the door open for him because the American people no longer support the military?

FACT CHECK: Are Donald Trump’s  Make America Great Again  caps manufactured in China?

FACT CHECK: Does Facebook consider military emblems inappropriate and delete them from Facebook pages?

FACT CHECK: Did animals die during flooding at a PetSmart location in South Carolina after employees left them to drown?

FACT CHECK: Has ESPN issued a gag order preventing coaches and players from thanking God on television?

FACT CHECK: Does the United States have the third-highest rate of homicides worldwide, but drops dramatically in the rankings if four major cities are excluded from the stats?

FACT CHECK: Did a study prove that Republicans (primarily supporters of Donald Trump) have weaker grammatical skills than Democrats?

FACT CHECK: Did Mexican drug lord Joaquin  El Chapo  Guzman put a $100 million bounty on Donald Trump s head?

FACT CHECK: Have McDonald s restaurants in Colorado turned their Play Place areas into marijuana-friendly smoking zones?

FACT CHECK: Did a Georgia teen contract HIV while getting a sew-in hair weave?

FACT CHECK: Was Pope Francis filmed performing a tablecloth trick during his visit to the United States?

NEWS: Residents of a condominium complex in Des Plaines, Illinois claimed hot dogs injected with rat poison were scattered on their lawn.

FACT CHECK: Did Muslim refugees outside Macedonia refuse assistance from the Red Cross because the aid packages were marked with the Christian cross symbol? 

FACT CHECK: Did President Obama sign a bill barring the media from naming mass shooting suspects?

FACT CHECK: Was a school shooter in Pearl, Mississippi, stopped by an assistant principal with a gun?

FACT CHECK: Does the smell of a rare mushroom cause women to have spontaneous orgasms?

NEWS: Some pundits are skeptical of Ben Carson’s account of experiencing an armed robbery at a Popeye s restaurant.

FACT CHECK: Did a mandatory gun ownership law in Kennesaw, Georgia, cause the town s crime rate to plummet?

FACT CHECK: Did President Obama open FEMA’s  first  concentration camp in Wilcox, Arizona with plans to detain conservatives? 

So much nuttiness this week. I can’t take it all in.

mushroom orgasm Snopes women spontaneous jefferly.com
I’ll have one order of mushrooms to eat here and 20 to go, please.