Crazy Cat Lady: The Early Years

So this is how it all begins:

Nice acting.

Meanwhile, in the Live Free Or Die state….

Eric Carrier of Hooksett, NH

On the one hand, this is weird in a funny way. On the other hand, you have to give this guy credit for being this dedicated to his fetish:

A 23-year-old man pretended he suffered from a brain injury so an unsuspecting in-home nurse would change his adult diaper, police said.

Eric Carrier, of 95 Granite St., Hooksett, turned himself into police Tuesday after a warrant was issued charging him with indecent exposure.

Carrier allegedly faked having a severe brain injury that would require him to wear adult diapers. A nurse caring for him became suspicious, police said.

The nurse knew something was up when baby allegedly exposed himself. Naughty baby needs a spanking. Ooooh…yeah…spank baby!


When grandparents and technology collide

I know some pretty hip grandparents, so it’s important not to generalize from this anything about the technological skills of all elderly people, BUT these people are an effin’ scream:

This is why we love Mass. Congressman Mike Capuano (and why Rep. Niki Tsongas is on my shit list)

Democratic Congressman Mike Capuano of Massachusetts, as with the rest of the Massachusetts delegation, isn’t throwing Rep. Anthony Weiner overboard for expediency’s sake:

“Based on what I know, he has made some inappropriate decisions and taken some inappropriate actions. But none of them violate the law or violate his oath that I am aware of,” Capuano said Thursday during WCVB-TV’s “On The Record.”

On Wednesday, Massachusetts Rep. Niki Tsongas said Weiner should resign. Several other representatives have echoed the sentiment, including Pennsylvania Rep. Allyson Schwartz, Rep. Mike Ross of Arkansas, Michael H. Michaud of Maine, Larry Kissell of North Carolina and Joe Donnelly of Indiana.

“The decision has to be based on real facts and real allegations. If these were non-consenting or younger than a certain age, or if it was any situation like that, things change,” Capuano said.

Capuano, who shared a Washington, D.C., apartment with Weiner for 12 years, said the case is one the Ethics Committee has to review.

“I am not the guy who likes to judge other people. I figure that is between them and the people who are appropriately named to do that — and that is the Ethics Committee,” he said.

Meanwhile, his fellow Bay State congress critter Niki Tsongas has chosen to stick her busybody nose where it doesn’t belong, thus proving she’s one of those elected officials with too much time on her hands. Boo, hiss. I’ve lost some respect for her.


Bring me…a shrubbery!

I can obsessively quote most Monty Python films, but not whilst watching them. So that makes me a bit less annoying than a lot of MP fans.


Will it reach 100 degrees today?

Perhaps not since it started off cloudy, but we know it’s going to be a hot one today!

Big assed temps call for big ass beers.

Wait a minute…what was his talent again?

No other reason than: just because:

Let’s hope Jesus can appreciate campy videos

Terrible Boy Band imitation + treacly Christian children’s song = unintentional camp classic:

Sounds about right….

Mom's phone calls
They forgot the part about health problems.

You just gotta love the New York Post (at times)

Yes, it’s often a cesspool of right-wing groupthink and insecurities. Nonetheless, you have to hand it to their headline writers:


Letting Weiner Shrivel
One of hundreds of different directions they could have taken this.

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