So, Anthony Weiner was making it up after all

Wow. Just wow.

So NY Congressman Anthony Weiner, clearly one of the intellectually smartest members of Congress (and a hero to progressives everywhere) was lying after all. Here is the always interesting New York Post’s take:

Here’s the naked truth about Rep. Anthony Weiner — he’s an Internet perv.

A “deeply ashamed” Weiner openly wept during a news conference this afternoon in Manhattan — admitting that he made “terrible mistakes” in sending lewd pictures of himself to women he met on Facebook and Twitter over the past few years.

Weiner, who choked back tears several times, also said he was “not resigning” — but took “full responsibility for my actions” over the last few years.

So not only was he lying, but he sent erotic pictures of himself standing in front of framed photos of him and his wife and political confidantes, including President Bill Clinton (no irony there!).

In my mind, this should have been between Weiner and his wife IF Weiner had come clean from the beginning. Now it’s all about the cover-up.

Video of sad, lamentable press conference below.





Thou shalt not take more than 30 minutes for delivery or it’s free

Moeses pizza
Moses likes his pizza with the cheese baked right in!

Keeping cool on Caturday

Keeping cool on Caturday
Keeping cool on Caturday

Fighting against the British and a coherent understanding of American history

I love how she just bumbles her way through this without even stopping to think about what is coming out of her mouth. She really is a marvel of unprocessed input/output at times.

“And, ya know, right after that, they all met up at Gettysburg in Charlestown where George Washington flew his famous kite and discovered the very thunder we steal, dontcha know, from the lamestream media!”

OK. She didn’t actually say that. But she could have.

And then I told the parrot to shut up and let the friggin’ monkey talk….

Some people’s lives look far more interesting than mine will be this weekend:

Monkey Parrot Bench
Just chillin' with my monkey and my parrot.

“Darkies” comment on broadcaster’s use of the n-word

Murray Decker
Murray Decker, who actually looks exactly as you might picture a racially insensitive broadcaster.

Your broadcaster uses an over-the-top racial phrase. Do you: a) apologize? b) fire him in an act of contrition? c) insist everyone is using the phrase and wonder what the fuss is?

Bonus points for Polynesians referring to themselves as “darkies.”

I always thought of New Zealand as being so enlightened and free from the racial strife of many other places, although the only reference points I have for this of which I can recall off the top of my head are the “Lord Of The Rings” movies — which is really stupid because the movies were all about people killing one another.

Although Frodo and Gandalf’s relationship — Wizard, hobbit; old, young — suggests harmony to me, not to mention a little creepy NAMBLA action.

In any case, who knew that Polynesians were apparently the racially targeted minority in New Zealand?

Alas, Queenie won’t be down for peanuts

Georgia’s water skiing elephant — I just liked the name — has died. I can’t even water ski. I’m impressed an elephant can do it.

File under: white folks’ problems

If you’re not from Boston, we have a neighborhood called Jamaica Plain that is, depending on the area in which you find yourself, alternately rich, middle class or gritty and lower class. That latter designation is as good a description as any of a store we (I live in JP) used to have called Hi-Lo. It was also dirty, smelly and not very well stocked.

The dirty, skanky Hi-Lo, whose gritty realism is being romanticized by some in Jamaica Plain.

Enter organic foods behemoth Whole Foods, which wants to replace aforementioned toilet-smelling filth hole Hi-Lo with a clean, well-stocked modern supermarket.

It should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with hipster-laden JP that this proposed real estate transaction has attracted hordes of upper class white college types heavy with racial guilt and sincere-sounding platitudes about gentrification, displacement and Latino rights.

The nice folks from Whole Foods mistakenly walked into this cauldron of misplaced priorities June 2 expecting to have a rational discussion, whereas the hipsters walked in knowing what they wanted was a high profile way of expressing displeasure without really changing anyone’s mind.

Take it away Universal Hub:

With a slashing motion across his neck tonight, a Boston Police sergeant ordered Whole Foods to shut down its first Jamaica Plain community meeting early, after officers arrested two people for unfurling an anti-Whole Foods banner in the back.

As people filed out of the Curley School, police officers from across the city began arriving – the sergeant had activated the department’s Emergency Deployment Team system, used to swarm a trouble spot with police. At one point, at least a dozen Boston Police officers (one in plain clothes) stood at the top of the school’s steps guarding it against potential mayhem.

No violence actually broke out, although two women on either side of the issue had to be separated by friends when they cursed and then lunged at each other as they were leaving the auditorium.

As the meeting began around 7 p.m., the roughly 200 residents seemed evenly split between people holding up yellow signs in favor of the impending Whole Foods in Hyde Square and people holding blue signs – and many wearing blue T-shirts – in opposition.

A line of Whole Foods executives and managers sat on tall chairs at the front of the auditorium, explaining how they do business and how they hope to open in late fall.

The mostly white, mostly young anti-Fooders quickly began trying to shout down both Whole Foods managers and other residents as they screamed their opposition to what they said was the ultimate gentrifying force that would push the neighborhood’s minority residents out.

These are the kinds of meetings which make rational people feel as if they have hornets in their head.

Needless to say, nothing was settled except perhaps the Whole Foods people have learned the lesson that this is not as much about protecting Latinos as it is about one group proving its progressive bone fides.

I love hipsters. Their politics quite often jibe with my own. But sometime they are annoying and narcissistic.

Be sure to wash up after touching that

So wrong.

Shoot him in the head!

From Kansas City:

If they’re not shooting stuffed tigers in England, they’re blasting lawn ornaments in Missouri.

Fake Alligator
This may or may not look like the offending concrete alligator that was killed by police in Kansas City.

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