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Today’s Republican Party

“We only provide you with “access” to health care. Don’t bother us with details about how to pay for it. Stop being not rich. That’s your problem, ya know. Stop being poor and middle class. “

Reminder when GOP tries to change the subject

The Congressional Budget Office may release numbers on the GOP’s ACA replacement as early as 4 PM EDT today. Just remember who appoints the CBO’s leader as the Republicans try to backpedal and say the numbers are biased when the CBO estimates just how many poor  and middle class people are going to lose health care coverage under Trump and the GOP.

Snowstorm Stella stalks Northeast

With snow predictions wildly varying from less than a foot to more than two feet, the Northeast plays a waiting game as panicked food shopping yields the photo below.

Really, is there anything more New England prior to a snowstorm than a packed Market Basket in Chelsea (MA). And then there’s this one guy who really knows his storm shit with an armful of Hostess snack cakes.

If I had to choose one person with whom I’d like to ride out a civilization-ending snow event, I’m pretty sure it would be Little Debbie. 

Is the Russian Trump operation ongoing?

If you’ve not been watching Rachel Maddow connect the dots on Trump and Russia, you’ve been missing a thing of beauty.

Alaska is the most sexually diseased state

Jimmy Kimmel has fun with STD stats. Close behind Alaska are Louisiana (2), North Carolina (3) and Mississippi S (4). Hmmm, I wonder what these states all have in common?

Could it be they are all red states that went for Trump? Could it be they are all states with voting adults who vote in sanctimonious and religiously hypocritical ways? Or could it be these are states which receive more in federal funding than they give into the federal treasury, thereby forcing blue state residents to pay for the federal benefits they receive?

Let’s just say they are all states that stand to lose more under a Trump presidency than any others, and leave it at that.

As for the Alaska numbers, in a footnote state officials revealed that many of the state’s out-of-wedlock births and STDs were among Sarah Palin’s children, thereby skewing the numbers.

Ha! Kidding!


Catholic League cries “fake news!” despite mass grave

Police search for bodies at site of former Catholic Mother and Baby Home in Ireland.

Just when you think Bill Donohue can’t sink any lower, he now insists that despite a mass grave and witness corroboration  — you know, proof-type stuff — Irish Catholic scandal (and possible cases of infanticide) is fake:

The president of the Catholic League has denounced the Tuam Baby scandal as ‘fake news’.

Despite “significant quantities” of human remains discovered at the site of the former mother and baby home in Co Galway, US-based conservative Bill Donoghue claims there is “no evidence of a mass grave”.

“It was a lie in 2014 and it is a lie in 2017,” he wrote on “The hoax is now back again, and an obliging media are running with the story as if it were true. Any objective and independent reporter would be able to report what I am about to say, but unfortunately there are too many lazy and incompetent reporters prepared to swallow the latest moonshine about the Catholic Church.

“If there was a Pulitzer for fake news, the competition would be fierce. Mass graves. Sexually assaulted women. Children stolen. It is all a lie.”

Independent councillor for Tuam Billy Connelly told the Irish Independent he cannot understand how anyone could denounce the evidence already presented.

He said: “I can’t see how he could make a statement like this. The evidence on what they found is pretty well solid. What’s in that mass grave and talking to local people is unquestionable. That’s the first time I have heard anyone come up with a conspiracy to this. The facts are there and it’s very insulting.”

Of course someone as reprehensible as Donohoe would go to Donald Trump’s playbook as a way of lying his way through yet another horror from the past with the Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, more Ireland coverage here and here — and here where a nun is accused of “lying through her teeth.”

Bill Donahue and his character where he was skewered on South Park.

The only Trump supporter with no Russian meeting

I’ll guess that if Caribou Barbie ends up in a meeting with the Russian ambassador it will be because she crashed a party somewhere.

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