Finding interesting things on the internet is easy. Having an eye for timely, relevant or funny items takes a bit more experience and practice.

There is the calendar, a job in itself. And then there is the writing.

It takes a while to write lucid, informative or amusing text.

I do it all for free because I want to be part of the change, not watch other people do it.

This blog costs money to host and register the domain.

I don’t expect a lot. We all have demands on our time and many of you are unemployed, underemployed, have kids, etc. Life takes money.

But if I write something that touches you, informs you or makes you think, think about kicking a buck or two my way via Paypal.

Every cent is appreciated.

Just because you want to be informed doesn't mean you can't laugh along the way. Science, politics, religion, pop culture and the law.