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I don’t want to fight. Let’s hug.

Tiny kids are just the best.

SportsChannel New England says it confirmed Belichick Trump support letter


I don’t know how reliable is as a source in itself, but they are under the impression that they have confirmed that New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick did indeed write that letter of support for Donald Trump that is all over the news — and which Trump read from a stage at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

That letter is alleged to say, in part:

“Congratulations on a tremendous campaign. You have dealt with an unbelievable, slanted and negative media and have come out beautifully. You’ve proved to be the ultimate competitor and fighter. Your leadership is amazing. I have always had tremendous respect for you, but the toughness and perseverance you have displayed over the past year is remarkable. Hopefully tomorrow’s election results will give the opportunity to make America great again.”

It’s so over the top I find it hard to believe Belichick could be this stupid.

Oddly, doesn’t bother to say with whom they confirmed the letter’s authenticity, at least as of the time I first saw the page. No mention of a “source close to Belichick” or “a Patriots official who did not wish to be identified.” Nothing.

So that’s suspicious in itself.

I had never heard of before. However, a quick WHOIS search of shows it is legit and owned by Comcast, parent of NBC with which is affiliated. 

I won’t believe it until we hear it from from Belichick himself.


Harvard takes a stand against the notion of “boys will be boys”

A picture from the web page of the Harvard men's soccer team.
A picture from the web page of the Harvard men’s soccer team.

Now comes this from the Boston Globe:

Harvard University abruptly canceled the season of its men’s soccer team Thursday, after a university investigation found that a lewd online “scouting report” about female athletes created in 2012 had continued into the current fall semester.

Harvard president Drew Faust said the decision was made after university officials discovered that the “appalling actions of the 2012 men’s soccer team . . . appear to have been more widespread across the team and have continued beyond 2012, including in the current season.”

Initially, the ranking system was linked only to the 2012 team.

In her statement, Faust said she is “deeply distressed” to learn that the postings had continued.

The team had two more regular season games scheduled, including a matchup Saturday against Columbia, where a share of the Ivy League crown, and an NCAA tournament berth, was at stake.

But those hopes were dashed Thursday, when Harvard athletic director Robert Scalise made the decision to cancel the remainder of the season, and any playoff hopes.

 This was no 1-through-10, hot-or-not ranking system:

The stunning move came days after Faust asked the university’s Office of the General Counsel to “conduct an immediate review” of the 2012 men’s soccer team’s sexually explicit “scouting report” of freshmen women soccer players.

The “scouting guide” was circulated July 31, 2012, through an e-mail server that remained public on Google Groups until recently, the Crimson reported.

The freshmen players were ranked by number, given written and photographic descriptions of their appearance, and assigned assumed sexual behavior.

 We are in the midst of a presidential campaign where the most dangerous demagogue of our time is still, against all reason, in the running to win the White House.

It has been a campaign where the GOP front runner has been shown to have been a serial sexual harasser and abuser, and has spoken openly of grabbing women by the genitals against their will. He subsequently rejected his accusers because they are simply not hot enough for him to have done the things of which he is accused — implying, of course, that he could have done all of it if they were. 

This seems to have not much bothered, and indeed seems to have only encouraged, a decent portion of the American citizenry under the guise of fighting political correctness. Yes, that’s right: ignoring sexual harassment is now not only socially acceptable, it’s the morally defensible thing thanks to this campaign, Donald Trump and his supporters.

Now that same GOP candidate also stands accused of actual sexual crimes and he still remains in the race as a viable choice.

There is such a thing as rape culture and it starts with the sense that many men have of ownership over women’s lives and bodies.  

There is a reason why you so seldom hear of women committing crimes of passion during divorces and non-marital break-ups. There are reasons why it is almost always husbands and boyfriends who murder wives and girlfriends. It’s because men think that they own women and if they can’t have them, nobody can.

And if women oppose them they are painted as shrill harpies or menstrual.

The long line of lessons learned from childhood and through their teen years by boys and men who think such things have to be broken somewhere.  Something is not right. 

Harvard said, “Enough!”

As for the severity of the punishment, I find it hard to believe that Harvard officials would punish an entire team if the behavior in question was not widespread and egregious. I wouldn’t be shocked if most straight team members took part because that is the kind of society we have been building. Those are the kinds of men we have been raising.

Donald Trump is ample proof of that. 

It’s time someone started somewhere taking a stand.

Words are cheap. Action speaks.

Harvard took action. Good for them.


Julian Edelman and Danny Amendola are COPS


This is from April. I have no idea how I missed my two favorite New England Patriots players being silly in their very own segment of “COPS.”

Pro skier clarifies Gus Kenworthy remarks

Gus Kenworthy Attitude magazine skiiing skiers Alex Schlopy Outports
Pro skier Gus Kenworthy.

So this happened:

  1. Gay pro skier Gus Kenworthy comes out.
  2. Longtime friend and straight teammate Alex Schlopy calls him “selfish” in an I-want-attention kind of way, and questions whether Kenworthy’s motives are pure
  3. Kenworthy (and gay sports site Outsports) pile onto Schlopy, with Outsports opining that “Schlopy’s view that coming out publicly is a selfish act (let alone comparing it to being a drug addict) shows he has no idea what gay people go through. “
  4. Schlopy then clarifies his remarks in an Outsports column he wrote, saying:

When my great friend, fellow skier and competitor Gus Kenworthy came out openly as gay, I was thrilled for him. I was so happy that Gus could finally be free from a secret that had been tearing at him for so long, and also to be a role model for many people, of all ages, dealing with the same issues. Gus is a very strong person and a very talented athlete and I’m proud he can finally stand up and be who he is. To me, people are beautiful regardless of their sexual orientation if they are a good person.

Soon after he came out, I wrote some posts on Instagram that made me look very close-minded. It made it appear as if I was bothered that Gus had come out, and that is the furthest thing from the truth. I believe everyone has the right to be who they are and not be discriminated against for it. I hope, and believe, one day more people will start to open their minds as well, and this includes the community of freeskiers and snowboarders.

I didn’t ever intend to start a fire and think some people used selective quotes to misrepresent my beliefs about Gus. This saddens me and denigrates my views on the LGBT community, because I fully support equality. Gus’ coming out to me was never anything “surprising” but was more of like, “YES!!!!” I’m stoked for you dude!”

I do stand by my feelings that Gus at first was looking for more publicity for himself, rather than intending to help the LGBT community as a whole. I want him to prove me wrong. I hope he uses his coming out to help the LGBT community and raise awareness. A lot of people think I wrote the post out of jealousy of his fame, but I’m nothing but happy for Gus. I have always been a person to accept people for who they are.

The world of dudes feels a little discombobulated, not least because we don’t often have a straight athlete having a public dust-up with a gay athlete over whose pro-gay motives are more pure.

Stay tuned. It’s an interesting development.


Great moments in baseball trajectory anticipation

Part of me hopes this baseball player climbing the fence was actually trying to be funny. “Everybody stand back! I got this one!”

If I had to suddenly actually play a game of baseball in the outfield, this is how I envision it transpiring. 

This is how one MMA fighter celebrates a victory

MMA fighter Sage “”Super” Northcutt shows off his particular style of celebrating  for the cameras. 

I could totally do that. Easy. 

No, I couldn’t. Not now. Not ever.

He makes it look so effortless.

English footballer Sam Stanley comes out


A video posted by Sam Stanley (@samstannerz) on


Sports Illustrated takes notice of another high-profile athlete coming out:

Sam Stanley has become the first professional English rugby union player to come out as gay. 

Stanley, 23, broke the news in an interview with The Sunday Times published this weekend. His revelation comes two weeks after English rugby league player Keegan Hirst came out as gay

Stanley told the Times that he contemplated suicide as a teen because he feared his sexuality could jeopardize his rugby career. 

“I was standing on a bridge about four or five years ago, overlooking a motorway in Essex,” Stanley said. “However, looking back, the idea that I would jump was ridiculous but it was as if I was thinking that I could get rid of the pain in one go. You are so worried about what people will think and I thought I couldn’t be a macho rugby player the way I was, and there was nothing else I wanted to do with my life.”

The world is changing quickly. Soon there will be throngs of kids whose favorite sports star is a gay man, a lesbian or a trans person.

Source: Sam Stanley becomes first openly gay English rugby union player – SI

Sam Stanley

Bunny hurdles simplified

This rabbit shows the proper way to get out of too much strenuous activity by thwarting his entry into the bunny hurdles.

bunny hurdles

Will Pope Francis bless the knee of Philly quarterback?

I kinda doubt it, but there is this hope-filled effort coming out of Philadelphia:

Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford didn’t know fans started a petition for Pope Francis to bless his knees, but he wouldn’t mind the divine intervention.

“I haven’t seen that,” Bradford said after Tuesday’s practice. “I was told about it. If I got to meet the pope, I think that would be pretty cool. If he wanted to bless my knees, I’d be all for it, I guess.”

The pontiff is scheduled to visit Philadelphia in late September. He is scheduled to celebrate Mass on Sept. 27, the day the Eagles play a game against the New York Jets at the Meadowlands. Ambitious Eagles fans started a petition asking for Pope Francis to bless Bradford’s knees.

Bradford has torn the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee twice, ending each of his last two seasons with the St. Louis Rams. Philadelphia traded for Bradford in March, taking the chance that he could get through the season without incident.

“This town deserves a Super Bowl,” the petition says, “and a healthy Bradford is the only way we will have a parade down Broad Street! Please sign this petition and Go Eagles and Welcome to Philly, Pope Francis!!!!”

Because, along with climate change, wars and famine, Pope Francis surely must follow the NFL.

The petition was started by Pratik Patel of Audubon (PA) thereby dispelling whatever silly notions you might harbor that Southeast Asians are generally wiser and smarter than the average Caucasian American. 

Source: Eagles QB Sam Bradford open to idea of Pope blessing his knees – ABC News

Injured Eagles Quarterback Sam Bradford who, adorably enough, cannot yet seem to grow a full beard.