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Ariana Gandhi

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony. Also when you bust that ho Britney’s ass in a Twitter war.”

That time with Graham Norton, Cher and balloons

I was perusing some old Cher — she’s 70! —  videos I have and ran across this one. 

Very R rated. NSFW. But funny as hell.

Cher meets Beavis and Butthead

Happy birthday to Cher. May she be a Twitter thorn in the side of America’s GOP for many years to come. 

One of my favorite videos of her singing what is likely her best known song. I showed it to a couple of younger friends of mine who had never seen it, and they liked it. So here it is.

Orchestre de Paris and some opera singer in a tight t-shirt

Well, well, well.

Opera singers have certainly changed, have they not?

I mean, he’s not even wearing a tuxedo! And not a fat lady in sight.

This is the Orchestre de Paris.

From the Chicago police scanner, 2:05 AM, 12/4/15

Chicago police scanner headphones Tweet Megan Crepeau
“Dude, you have to listen to this song I downloaded off iTunes. No, I mean you really HAVE TO LISTEN TO IT.” EdItor’s note: Picture is NOT of the suspect in question.

Ricky Martin makes a stop at Chicago’s Bean

Ricky Martin The Bean Cloud Gate Chicago
Ricky Martin at Cloud Gate, in a photo he posted to his social media accounts.

While in Chicago for a National Coming Out Day concert Oct. 11, Ricky Martin paid a visit to The Bean (aka Cloud Gate).

I doubt anyone recognized him in that get-up.

Unless he smiled that unmistakable smile of his. 

Ricky Martin Chicago
Martin in his Chicago appearance.

Spongebob Squarepants sings Black Sabbath

As if living under the sea while still managing to take showers were not impressive enough, now Spongebob does an awesome Black Sabbath rendition.

It’s Riot Fest vs. large Chicago hospital

Riot Fest
A scene from a previous Riot Fest Chicago.

This is unfortunate:

A week before Riot Fest is scheduled to open in Douglas Park on the city’s West Side, St. Anthony Hospital has asked a federal judge to block the three-day festival from taking place.

Attorneys for the hospital filed a federal lawsuit and motion for a temporary restraining order against Riot Fest on Friday, alleging that the three-day concert festival would compromise the safety of patients with its “extreme” noise. It would also disrupt the neighborhood and cause congestion, the lawsuit said.

But Chris Mather, a spokeswoman for Riot Fest, in a Saturday statement criticized the hospital’s lawsuit as a money grab, and said “attorneys for St. Anthony stated that they would file a lawsuit to seek to stop the festival unless the hospital was paid $158,000.”

A hospital spokeswoman denied the allegation. “We are not going to resort to name-calling and mudslinging. However, Riot Fest is lying, plain and simple,” said Kathryn Grosso.

It appears to be a classic He Said-They Said situation.

Unless Riot Fest organizers come up with some proof the hospital tried to shake them down for money, this may all come down to how new 24th Ward Alderman Michael Scott Jr. lands on the issue. 

At a contentious June 23 meeting at which some residents presented their grievances about the event, Ald. Scott still seemed willing to consider both sides’ concerns in trying to hammer out an agreement.

Riot Fest was moved from Humboldt Park after nearby residents gained the backing of 26th Ward Alderman Robert Maldonado.

Aldermen in Chicago wield enormous influence in their wards, with Chicago Parks Department officials acknowledging that aldermanic opposition to an event can almost always kill it. 

Our calendar listing, including a link to tickets, can be found here.

No Doubt, Modest Mouse, Snoop Dogg, Billy Idol, System of a Down, The Prodigy and others will headline this year’s fest, according to the full lineup.

I recently had two days of music and noise coming into my place from the nearby Edgefest. I liked the energy it brought to my neighborhood, Edgewater — although Edgefest was tiny compared to Riot Fest. Yet it was still a source of noise, traffic congestion, trash and other temporary inconveniences. Once it was over, however. those were all gone and EdgeFest organizers cleaned everything up, as no doubt Riot Fest will have to do if they want any chance of coming back next year.

Part of the price you pay for living in a vibrant city with lots of people who want to live here and support local businesses and increasing real estate prices is that you sometimes have to deal with temporary events like Riot Fest, especially if you live next to a government-owned park that is meant to be there for the enjoyment of everyone.

Ald. Scott could change his mind, but it’s awfully close to the event and they have no doubt sold many tickets. If Scott were to try to placate local residents by trying to block the event, there would be a lot of angry people who were planning on going to the event. 

Also, if you wanted to stoke residents’ fears about an event, could you have picked a better name than Riot Fest? 

Source: St. Anthony Hospital sues to stop Riot Fest – Chicago Tribune


A transgender singing group in Boston

Photo: Boston Globe. Click on photo to go to Globe article.

What happens when you like to sing, but you are trans and your voice might change weekly?

You get this inspiring effort:

HE PLUNGED A NEEDLE filled with testosterone into his thigh each week. He changed his name to Andre and announced that he was becoming a man. His muscles grew.In nearly every way, his new body fit him better than his old one. Then his voice deepened, as expected, and he tried to sing. He grieved for the voice he had lost, the one he had trained for six years in choruses and choirs, the voice he still heard inside his head.

Andre, who asked not to be identified by his last name, might have given up singing. His voice was too low to continue with the women’s chorus where he had sung for years. So before Andre, 36, fully transitioned, he joined the new Butterfly Music Transgender Chorus, whose founder believes it’s one of two choirs in the country open only to transgender people.

Even as the public becomes more aware of the estimated 700,000 transgender individuals in the United States, many trans men and women say they still struggle to feel accepted. For those who transition, their voices can attract attention. Singers say they are grateful to find a chorus where they can feel the support of others who understand.

The chorus practices near Boston, which has become a center of medical care and research for the transgender community. (Because trans men and women report high rates of harassment, assault, and discrimination, the singers wanted to keep the location private.) Fenway Health , a community health center, saw 90 trans patients in 2006. Last year, 1,600 trans patients visited the center.

Talent and beauty come in many untraditional forms.

Fascinating and very cool.

Source: At Butterfly Music, transgender men and women discover new voices and community – The Boston Globe

The Devil Went Up To Boston: having fun with the Boston accent

I had a blip on my personal health radar that has taken up much of my time over the last month and prevented me from paying as much attention as I like to this blog. 

But now I’m back and what better way to celebrate than with a video that pokes fun at the Boston accent.

I remember when I first moved to that city I could hardly understand some of the locals, their accent was so pronounced. But I grew to love it, as I did so many thing about that city. People from all over the world have lived and studied in Boston, so I thought it might not be too localized to share this on this blog.

This video begs the question: What if the famed Devil in the eponymous Charlie Daniels band song had gone up to Boston instead of down to Georgia?