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Gilbert Gottfried reads “50 Shades of Grey”

This is not new. But man, oh man, how did I miss this? Crazy!

He’s perfect for this reading and the looks on the women’s faces in this bit are perfect.

I forget which comic it was who said he’d like to have Gottfried’s voice on the turn directions on his GPS.

So would I.

Ivanka and Kellyanne in the same boat

Jeez, Kellyanne.

When Mika and the gang think you’re not credible enough for their “Morning Joe” shitshow, you’ve fallen fast and hard.

This Instagram is wonderful

Chicago Law Department is sanctioned again for withholding police shooting records

The 11 officers that the city’s Inspector General recommended be fired

Top police brass defended Laquan McDonald shooting after seeing video, records show

Krauthammer on Trump suggesting US must bolster Nuclear weapons arsenal – Fox News

Why does everything Trump says need a right-wing translation?

Trump Supporters Tell CNN Why They Think 3 Million People Voted Illegally: ‘You Could Find It on Facebook’ | Mediaite

I’m on the fence about sharing this stuff because it’s so crazy.

But if one fact-free person sees this and decides they will no longer be fooled by a GOP that is using them again, it will be worth it.

Trump’s Permanent Twitter Campaign | New Republic

But we knew this already. It’s nice of TNR to catch up

Trump’s Economic Cabinet Picks Signal Embrace of Wall St. Elite –

Will working class Trump voters now admit they were all played by the biggest con game in American history?