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Catholic League cries “fake news!” despite mass grave

Police search for bodies at site of former Catholic Mother and Baby Home in Ireland.

Just when you think Bill Donohue can’t sink any lower, he now insists that despite a mass grave and witness corroboration  — you know, proof-type stuff — Irish Catholic scandal (and possible cases of infanticide) is fake:

The president of the Catholic League has denounced the Tuam Baby scandal as ‘fake news’.

Despite “significant quantities” of human remains discovered at the site of the former mother and baby home in Co Galway, US-based conservative Bill Donoghue claims there is “no evidence of a mass grave”.

“It was a lie in 2014 and it is a lie in 2017,” he wrote on “The hoax is now back again, and an obliging media are running with the story as if it were true. Any objective and independent reporter would be able to report what I am about to say, but unfortunately there are too many lazy and incompetent reporters prepared to swallow the latest moonshine about the Catholic Church.

“If there was a Pulitzer for fake news, the competition would be fierce. Mass graves. Sexually assaulted women. Children stolen. It is all a lie.”

Independent councillor for Tuam Billy Connelly told the Irish Independent he cannot understand how anyone could denounce the evidence already presented.

He said: “I can’t see how he could make a statement like this. The evidence on what they found is pretty well solid. What’s in that mass grave and talking to local people is unquestionable. That’s the first time I have heard anyone come up with a conspiracy to this. The facts are there and it’s very insulting.”

Of course someone as reprehensible as Donohoe would go to Donald Trump’s playbook as a way of lying his way through yet another horror from the past with the Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, more Ireland coverage here and here — and here where a nun is accused of “lying through her teeth.”

Bill Donahue and his character where he was skewered on South Park.

The only Trump supporter with no Russian meeting

I’ll guess that if Caribou Barbie ends up in a meeting with the Russian ambassador it will be because she crashed a party somewhere.

Who wore it better?

Who knew the differences between America and Canada could be summed up in our leaders’ asses?

One says, “Come to my country. We are happy, smart and have great asses despite eating poutine.” The other says, “I’m rich and miserable and want everyone else to be as miserable as I am.”

Cue Nat King Cole

“Unforgettable…that’s what you are….”

Hey, I totally don’t blame any of them. I’d be like a schoolgirl in his presence, too.

Russian dossier on Trump gains credibility

They are getting closer every day:

CBS News has learned that the 35-page dossier compiled by a former British spy is gaining credibility among law enforcement.  Before he was sworn in as President, Donald Trump dismissed the document, but sources tell CBS News that investigators continue to vet it to see whether there is any truth to the allegations.  

One of my favorite incidents of proof that Trump has no idea what he is doing is when he decided to mess with (and mock) the national security apparatus of the U.S. 

The appointment of Steve Bannon to a National Security Council post was, if you believe credible news sources, taken as a professional affront to many in the national security community.

Talk about bad hombres.

There are good reasons Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, who understand the NSA better than Trump, chose to hide out in plain sight in places where they cannot be reached by our national security people.

Let us suppose for the sake of argument that Trump was in Russia with hookers in a hotel room or something similar.

Trump is just not smart enough to realize that there was probably a camera in that room somewhere because these are the Russians and that is how the Russians work.

Which means there is likely video out there somewhere of Trump having sex with hookers (I know: eeew!) and doing who knows what else (double eeew!).

Which means there are all kind of reasons that video could end up in the hands of the NSA, if it is not already. Likely someone who wanted to embarrass Trump would pay a lot of money for that video to an underpaid double agent or some other person with access to it or access to someone else who has access to it.

Or, perhaps, the Russians will decide that, as much as they might own Trump in some way, as many people suspect they do, he is too unstable to be trusted. So the Russians will just release the video to the right people.

Trump’s true believers will likely not care about the video. We all know he’s a cheating, lecherous pig already, right?

But every right-wing religious nut in Congress who has ever visited a hooker, which I suspect includes many of them, will have a visceral reaction against it because that’s what sexually guilt-ridden people do.

Believe me on this. I have had a lifetime of observing it and writing about it. (See, homosexuals, closeted, right-wing).

If that video is out there, it’s going to come out. The question is when. And what will happen after that.

Things are getting ugly in European Parliament

From the European Parliament where Trump buddy Nigel Farage is speaking. Behind him a sign: “He’s lying to you.”


One reason I can’t take pro-lifers seriously

As has a been noted before, they care about a baby from conception to birth, but become less than generous in spirit to women and children after that.

Aeromexico’s advert in response to Trump

A public service announcement (PSA) which comes from a corporation with nearly $3 billion in revenue is automatically suspect on some levels, but I will give Aeromexico (and its ad agency Ogilvy and Mather Mexico) major props for a powerful statement nonetheless. 

This ad hits all the right notes.

Vladimir Putin at the mall

Question remaining: Which person (or persons) inside the Trump campaign knew the Russians were interfering from the start, and may have assisted them?

Putin sits on Santa'a lap to tell him he got everything he wanted in the U.S. election.
Putin sits on Santa’a lap to tell him he got everything he wanted in the U.S. election.

First comes internet access, then comes hatred for difference?


This article is from Buzzfeed, which notes the new access this one closed-off country now has for the internet. And how that access has fueled bigotry that was not as prevalent before.

Americans are not the only ones who use the ‘net to live in an information bubble full of tirades which reinforce nationalism and tribalism.

The internet brought Donald Trump to Myanmar. Or, at least that’s how Shar Ya Wai first remembers hearing about the Republican president-elect. “One day, nobody knew him. Then, everyone did. That’s what the internet is. It takes people who say crazy things and makes them famous,” the 19-year-old student said.

Like most people in this country of 50 million, which only recently opened up to the outside world, Shar Ya Wai is new to the internet. And on this day, she had walked purposefully into a phone shop in central Yangon to buy her first smartphone, a simple model by China’s Huawei that is popular among her friends. “Today I’ll buy this phone,” she said. “I guess I’ll find out how crazy [the internet] really is.”

It’s not that she’d never seen the internet before. She’d tried to stalk ex-boyfriends through a friend’s Facebook page and caught glimpses of the latest Thai pop bands on her uncle’s old tablet, which he bought secondhand a year ago. But her forays into the internet have been brief and largely left her perplexed. Here was a public space where everyone seemed to have so much to say, but it was disorganized, bombastic, overwhelming. It felt like the polar opposite of the quiet, sheltered life she’d lived until recently.

“My father is a measured person. He speaks carefully and always wanted us to speak carefully too,” she said, smoothing down her waist-length black hair, betraying her nerves. “I’m more energetic, like my mom. We speak a lot more, but it is nothing like what I see on the internet.”

Source: This Is What Happens When Millions Of People Suddenly Get The Internet – BuzzFeed News