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You were warned

You go, guuurl

Set a goal and stick with it.

“I loved you in your documentary, Chris”

“I have a room covered in plastic. For Megyn Kelly.”

Not something you see on on a pickup every day

What it lacks in oratorical elegance it makes up for in its bold use of imagery.

#Respect #MassExtinction #CretaceousPaleogene


An “I feel lost” pick-me-up

When I feel overwhelmed by the Trump disaster, I watch this and think of how someone took the time to make us laugh with this GIF of him and a rainbow dick.

That crazy Trump handshake*

*Re-enactment. Not real handshake.


This pic will drive Trump crazy

Go forth and share it wherever you can. Especially on Twitter.

Oh, and: scary as shit. If they wanted to make Trump into a Marvel comics supervillain it would take so little make-up and he wouldn’t even have to act.

Trump, being productive

So that’s what he was doing with that pen and all those white men surrounding him.

The “alternative facts” hits keep coming

And Trump thinks Kellyanne is brilliant.