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How to subtly prank co-workers, friends

Wireless Mouse subtly fuck with people reddit

Upvoted has a great collection of GIFs and other graphics to accompany its article about answers collected from a simple question about the art of the simple prank:

Earlier this year, Reddit user ThrowawayCallsYouOut posed this question for the Ask Reddit community—calling upon all the mischief-makers, rabble-rousers, and human gremlins of the Internet for their best tips on how to subtly ruin someone else’s day.

To some, this may sound like simple real-life trollery, but for devotees of low-stakes hijinks, subtly fucking with people is an art of the highest order.

And so, to elevate redditors’ shenanigans to their proper place in the annals of history, Upvoted’s artist-in-residence, Li-Anne Dias, has brought some of the best pranks to life with original illustrations.

A complete collection at this link

Get to it everyone. You have an entire season of boring holiday parties at which you can amuse yourselves.

Look Familiar reddit. I do porn

How animals see the world

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From Nautilus:

Some animals, including your pets, may be partially colorblind, and yet certain aspects of their vision are superior to your own. Living creatures’ visual perception of the surrounding world depends on how their eyes process light. Humans are trichromats—meaning that our eyes have three types of the photoreceptors known as cone cells, which are sensitive to the colors red, green, and blue. A different type of photoreceptors, called rods, detect small amounts of light; this allows us to see in the dark. Animals process light differently—some creatures have only two types of photoreceptors, which renders them partially colorblind, some have four, which enables them to see ultraviolet light, and others can detect polarized light, meaning light waves that are oscillating in the same plane.

“None of us can resist thinking that we can imagine what another animal is thinking,” says Thomas Cronin, a professor at the University of Maryland who studies visual physiology. But while guessing animals’ thoughts is a fantasy, looking at the world through their eyes is possible.

I’ve always known dogs were color blind, but some of the rest was news to me.

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How an orphaned kangaroo baby goes to bed

Not quite as good a mama kangaroo’s pouch, but close enough.

Baby Kangaroo bedtime animals
Bed time for baby kangaroo.

Just a raccoon in a rainbow tutu

raccoon trash panda tutu
Just a raccoon in a rainbow tutu. You’re welcome.

On an internet full of cute animal videos, some stand above the rest. Like this little “trash panda” doing pirouettes in a tutu.

An adorable raccoon. You’re welcome.


Get a room!

I’ve never met a dog like you before. The feel of your fur. The smell of your ear. Pay no attention to that camera….

Eff you and your stupid tricks

This is the look of a man who was probably not very good at ball playing when he was a kid

The mysterious thought processes of dogs

If this pooch started this behavior on its own, it’s interesting as hell.

Does he know the fish needs water? DId he see someone else putting water on fish and pick it up on his own? (Which would still make it interesting.)

There is always the possibility — impossible to rule out from viewing one animated GIF — that somebody trained a dog to do this and then uploaded this video to see how many of us would “ooh” and “aah” over something that is actually not that special.

Cynical, I know. But the internet requires that you consider other possibilities lest you end up believing that Obama is coming with black helicopters to steal your guns and Bibles.

The difference between ambition and reality

Not a passenger you see every day