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Mother of Dragons

Some parents are too cool for words. 

Looks as if it was taken at a ComicCon somewhere.

Some nerds are going to think this is porn made for them

Some nerds are having fun with Tagged: space, cold, gang-bang, rebels.

“Horde of white guys” indeed.

Star Wars: when you aren’t into the “good morning!” routine

Star Wars

This is not new. But someone sent it to me again and it makes me laugh every time. Cardboard and scissors Star Wars animation. Funny stuff. I’ve had mornings like this in the office.

Time Capsule fix: the power of the geek hive mind

Time Capsule
The tech support page said to wrap my Time Capsule external drive in aluminum foil and bake it at 350 degrees for seven minutes. So I did it.

My Apple Time Capsule was accidentally unplugged this morning. When I plugged it back into the power strip, no green or amber lights. Not showing up on my home network. Nothing.

Panic time. This is my backup drive and archive drive. I can replace the backups, no big deal. All the information would just be replaced. But I also started using using it to archive photos, videos and many years’ worth of other personal files for which I no longer have room on my laptop drive. 

I’ve been meaning to attach an external drive to the USB port to back up the archives. You know how that goes. I can get to it tomorrow.

This is despite the fact that I knew that many models of Time Capsules were prone to power supply failure at around 16-18 months because Apple decided to not put any cooling ports on a hard drive enclosure. So the intermittent cooling fan in the Time Capsules, when it comes on at all, simply blows hot air around the inside of the enclosure. 

This is a recipe for power supply failure, which Apple will not fix outside of warranty. Which is true of my 16-month-old Time Capsule. But at least a power supply problem could be fixed by a third-party vendor if I was willing to shell out the bucks. 

But my problem was different. I can hear the drive spinning inside the device. There were just no power or indicator lights. My power supply is working. 

Searching a bit more on Google I found a post that suggested an odd solution:  Wrap my Time Capsule in aluminum foil and bake it at 350 degrees for seven minutes. 

Why do that? 

Apparently my model year of Time Capsule has a soldered connection that is prone to coming loose. This is a problem that people who take them apart and fix them have discovered.

Allegedly if you bake your Time Capsule, this will soften the solder enough to reconnect the bad connection.

What choice did I have? I don’t have the extra funds to fix it right now, nor the money to replace it. 

So I baked the sucker. 

It worked. (Handle gently until it — and any softened solder inside — cools.)

Never underestimate the usefulness of the geek hive mind. 

(After having been the target of frivolous lawsuits (twice) the litigious little voice that lives inside my head now needs to point out that I am not an expert on Apple peripherals, I do not represent in any way that this fix will work for you, watch out the drive and oven will be hot, and don’t forget to wear oven mitts.)

Geekalicous: Star Trek TNG remastered on Netflix

Star Trek TNG

Nerds everywhere rejoice:

Well, that day many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived: the remastered edition of Star Trek TNG has finally rolled out to Netflix.

Over the past few days, USA-based subscribers to the popular streaming service have been seeing the ragged, VHS-quality episodes of the celebrated series slowly update to the wonderful, high-definition restorations we’ve been talking about for the past three years.

While both Amazon Prime, Hulu, and iTunes have each carried out season-by-season upgrades to HD, each several months after each Blu-ray release hit store shelves, it appears that Netflix is following the same model as their HD rollout of The X-Files earlier this summer — wait until the project is completed, and replace the whole series at once.

My weekend agenda just got a whole lot more geek-worthy.

Source: Remastered Star Trek: TNG Episodes Hit Netflix USA | TrekCore Blog

Star Trek TNG

The new Batman vs. Superman trailer had them on their feet at Comic-Con San Diego

It does look pretty cool.

Yet more reasons to like Comic-Con

Me want

via The world’s smallest flash drive just got smaller ~ Diverse News Report.

Me want

But first I need a garden of some sort.

StarTrek Gnome

via: Star Trek Garden Gnomes: To Boldly Gnome – Technabob

Ellen’s show has fun on the red carpet of “Avengers: Age Of Ultron”

I totally want to see this movie.