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“Funny you should ask about those, Aunt Martha”

Bring these to your next family gathering for a fun and delicious way of telling everyone you’re a gay man.

Froot Loops, indeed.

Beware of masher bears. Or not.

I tried to fight him off because Tea Dance was starting in only 10 minutes, but then I just waited for the inevitable, letting him envelop me with his giant hairy arms.


In which gay twins are taught how to make guacamole

If you’re going to attempt to achieve some modicum of fame through being admittedly adorable (if very young) gay fraternal twins on YouTube, then at least do something useful such as being cute and queening out as the good people at the LA LGBT center teach you how to make guacamole. The recipe looks good, too.

Gay guys re-enact overly dramatic telenovela scene

Of course, isn’t every scene from a telenovela overly dramatic?

In this hilarious video, three guys re-enact a scene from a telenovela and add perhaps the only ingredient that can possibly make it even more over the top: a gay sensibility.

And it’s not all that far off the truth, as those of us who’ve dated Latino men can attest.

Which, of course, is one of their many charms. The passion. The eyes. The need to know immediately why you just smiled at the mailman.

On top, the original. 

Below that, the gay re-enactment from Idan Matalon, a video blogger.

Idan Matalan Facebook telenovella Latino Israeli



Straight vs. gay Halloween costumes

This pretty much sums up Halloween in a lot of locales.

Although straight men are a lot more daring than they used to be.

Straight vs Gay Halloween Costumes image

What a single gay man does: truth vs. reality

What Single Gay Man Does

So many of my friends think my life is one big nightclub party here in Chicago.

There are dozens of gay bars and nightclubs in the Chicago area.

I’ve been to three of them in two years.

Not that there is anything wrong with going to bars and nightclubs a great deal. I used to do it a great deal. In my 20s and 30s. It was fun. And expensive. And meant most of us couldn’t afford to do much else.

It’s not that I don’t like the idea of going out to a bar or nightclub. It sounds fun. In the middle of the week I see some event that catches my eye at a nightclub and I think, “Oh, that could be fun. I really do need to get out more.”

Friday rolls around I’m on the fence. The frozen pizza in my freezer looks delicious and I’ve got a movie I’ve wanted to watch all week.

I eat just half the frozen pizza — OK, the entire pizza — lie down to watch the movie, and rest up for my big night out.  

People still go out at the same late hours. Except now that is way past my normal bedtime.

Next time I’m conscious it’s midnight and I think, “I’ve missed the best part of the evening. The bars will all be there next week.”

Lights out. Stumble to bed.

So for all you straight dudes out there who think gay life at any age is always a non-stop party compared to straight life, relax. 

Most of us are just as boring as you are. 

Man, I wonder how exhausted I would be with kids. How you parent people — gay or straight — do all that and stay awake at work is a mystery to me.

Tired at work
This would be me if my ambitions for going out on weekends ever met reality.


One piece of sharing economy is no more

sharing economy
One of the funnier pics of men who were available for companionship on

Not all purveyors in the new sharing economy are doing so well.

The headline says it all:

Obvious Gay Hooker Service Raided For Being Obvious Gay Hooker Service

Wonkette has some details:

Being a gay hooker is illegal in U.S. America, except for in parts of Nevada or whatever.

It’s not the “gay” part that’s illegal, otherwise we’d all be outlaws!

We’re not here to debate whether hooking should be legalized or not, and we’re neither here to shame sex workers nor say anything particularly nice about them either. Let’s just all agree they exist!

So once upon a time, there was a place called “” (no link ’cause it ain’t on the internet right now anyway), and it was “The World’s Largest Male Escort Service,” a place where dudes could set up accounts and look for other dudes who might just like to watch Netflix with them or something, for money. It was definitely not sexual in nature!

Its services were used by many, including one of the founding board members of the anti-gay, anti-lady hate group Family Research Council, a man named George Rekers, who found a sweet piece of ass named “Lucien” there, whom he hired to “lift his luggage” on a European vacation.

It was a totally nonsexual thing, of course, since Rekers is one of the fathers of the “ex-gay” movement. Yeah yeah.

“Lucien” said Rekers hired him to give special love caresses … but we’re sure that’s just a coincidence.

Anyway, the feds and the NYPD raided’s offices Tuesday morning, the CEO was arrested, other employees were arrested. My God, it’s like the government thinks they’re common gay whores for some reason.

An article by the New York Times notes:

The site, whose headquarters are on 14th Street at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, has had $10 million in sales since 2010, the criminal complaint says.

“As alleged, attempted to present a veneer of legality, when in fact this Internet brothel made millions of dollars from the promotion of illegal prostitution,” Kelly T. Currie, acting United States attorney for New York’€™s Eastern District, said in a statement.

Charles Hochbaum, the lawyer for Mr. Hurant, said outside court that the case represented a First Amendment issue.

“My client advertises for people who are willing to be escorts, to accompany people for their time and be paid,” he said.

“€œHe’€™s upset and confused about how this legitimate business could become the subject of a Homeland Security investigation,”€ he said.

“I don’t think we do anything to promote prostitution,” Mr. Hurant said. “I think we do good things for good people, and bring good people together.”

Why, it sounds more like a meeting of Eagle Scouts than a hooker web site.  What’s a fine upstanding young man like you doing in a place like this? 

Some of the complaint details “€œthe Hookies,”€ or the International Escort Awards, which the website holds each year. The site’€™s marketing banter for the awards described them as “covering all aspects of the oldest profession as presented in the newest media,” according to the complaint.

Sounds as if someone’s Hookies goose is cooked. did provide ways for you to give bad reviews to all those larcenous non-performing escorts — it’s like Uber for penises! — so that you could tell everyone how he stole all your cash and visible shiny things while you were in the bathroom freshening up. The magical unseen hand of the market would take care of the rest.

Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand would be proud.


The people who used your service will no doubt make this entire law enforcement exercise a futile joke as they all just move onto Craigslist or some other service. It’s not called the oldest profession for no reason and the law enforcement fight against prostitution has always been, and will always be, a lost cause.

It should be pointed out that many people go into escorting/prostitution because they feel they have no other options, so the fun I’m having with this is tempered by that sad knowledge. The fact that I think that business is never going away and fighting it with badges and guns is silly in no way lessens my other feelings that it is most often — but not always — a sad way of living.  

Source: Obvious Gay Hooker Service Raided For Being Obvious Gay Hooker Service – Wonkette


This trailer makes this movie look funny and sweet

Rainbow kitty is pleased with the Supreme Court

Cats, animated GIFs and rainbows. You’re welcome.