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Now you know

I can see a couple of my more fashion high-minded friends doing this to someone before those friends have had their coffee. 

Just a raccoon in a rainbow tutu

raccoon trash panda tutu
Just a raccoon in a rainbow tutu. You’re welcome.

On an internet full of cute animal videos, some stand above the rest. Like this little “trash panda” doing pirouettes in a tutu.

An adorable raccoon. You’re welcome.


Jimmy Kimmel: regular folks model designer clothing

There were some insane outfits at New York Fashion Week this year. They put these clothes on professional models, but Jimmy’s always wondered if a regular person would actually wear this stuff. So our wardrobe department worked hard to duplicate real outfits from very high-end designers and we had them modeled by members of the Jimmy Kimmel studio audience.


Breaking: Christian Louboutin shoe broke an escalator at Conde Nast

Meanwhile in the hard-hitting news department:

Christian Louboutins must be made of pretty strong stuff.

This shoe was found abandoned at the New York headquarters of Conde Nast, which publishes Vogue and Vanity Fair, yesterday having accidentally become wedged in the escalator.

Rather than snap off, the heel of the £430 shoe instead temporarily broke the escalator, bringing the entire thing to a standstill.

Slow news day at the Metro. Although the pictures are my favorite news pics of the week.

Source: A Christian Louboutin shoe broke an escalator at Conde Nast | Metro News

How potholes are fixed in New Orleans


Yes, it’s that day again

Model Fail Friday!

Watch out. The music is loud on this one.

Hot Mexicans everywhere angry at Trump

Staging a different kind of protest outside Trump Tower in NYC.


Sorry, Chicago cops: you can show tattoos and wear skull caps no more

If you live in Chicago and you dig cops with the rebel-ready-for-a-SWAT-takeover look — sleeve tatts, military cap, etc. — you’re bound to be disappointed in this:

New York City Sheriff's Deputy Miguel Pimentel's tatts would be a no-go in Chicago.
New York City Sheriff’s Deputy Miguel Pimentel’s tatts would be a no-go in Chicago.

Last week, the Internet went crazy over New York City Sheriff’s deputy Miguel Pimentel’s Instagram selfies that showed off his tattoos and muscles while out on the job in uniform. Despite clear public demand for more buff, tattooed officers, the Chicago Police Department issued a mandate on [June 8] that may be bad news for Pimentel fan’s and CPD staff alike: Chicago police officers are no longer allowed to have visible tattoos.

The mandate, which takes effect Friday, says “tattoos and body brandings will not be visible while on duty or representing the Department, whether in uniform, conservative business attire, or casual dress.”

Police blog Second City Cop did not seem thrilled about the change. The site posted a meme saying “56 shot – 12 fatally – over Memorial Day weekend. … Change the uniform order.”

“No tats – hello long sleeves and ties. All summer,” the blog added.

The edict includes no knit caps, but moustaches are OK.

No word on what caused the change.

As for Pimentel, apparently he does not care for male followers. I know of two men who’ve tried to follow him on Instagram who’ve been summarily blocked within minutes.

As an experiment I just followed him myself. It’s been more than a day and I’ve not been blocked.

BTW, this guy is so inflated and outsized he’s got to be using an enhancement aside from being apparently totally dedicated to his gym work.

If he did get that big with the assistance of some supplement, Pimentel should invest in the company and do their ads. He’d make a bundle.

via Chicago Police Officers Must Hide Tattoos – All Summer Long – Downtown – Chicago.

Ain’t that the truth


How much do I love chat, you ask?