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Today I am thankful for….

I stopped subscribing to cable (aka “cut the cord”) long ago and now rely solely on streaming for my television needs. Which, for me, includes Netflix, Apple TV and Amazon Instant Video. 

Which works out fine. Unless your internet goes out.

Which mine did three days ago after, it turns out, a large tree branch blown by heavy winds into the telephone pole out back disconnected the coax into my house.

After three days and two tries, Cox cable finally made it out to take care of the problem. 

So, today I am thankful I do not have to spend this holiday watching broadcast TV and reruns of old sitcoms that make today’s treacly sitcoms look sophisticated.

Jeez, what a waste land.

I endured two episodes of “The Love Boat” back-to-back, each one with a different Julie Your Cruise Director because the original Julie Your Cruise Director was let go because of her cocaine addiction — which was a novel malady back then, at least in the public consciousness. 

Enjoy the short video below, wherein Oprah talks with Julie #1 and Isaac (the bartender on “The Love Boat”) about how differently Hollywood approached drug addiction back then.

I will add that one of the novel features of MeTV, the broadcast network of old American television, is that it gets the stars of those shows back in the 70s to do appearances today plugging their old shows. 

Jamie Farr (“M*A*S*H”) looks not a whole lot different than he did back in that Korean War dramedy. Hunk Adrian Zmed of “TJ Hooker” fame? Not so much. 

I’m not sure how I feel about these commercials. On the one hand, they are entertaining in a sort of where-are-they-now kind of way. On the other hand, they are a bit jarring. 

Oh, and I am thankful for all my friends and family. And living a nice quiet and normal life. And cake.

A hilarious look at “sleeping” twin toddlers

What happens after the lights go out and twin toddlers are in their cribs thinking nobody is around? This. I love this so much!

And I thought having a new dog was a handful.

This is so much awesome in one video, especially after Dad comes in to put them back to bed.

“Funny you should ask about those, Aunt Martha”

Bring these to your next family gathering for a fun and delicious way of telling everyone you’re a gay man.

Froot Loops, indeed.

Hey, my parents beat me, and look at me! I turned out fine. 

It’s always a little sad and bit annoying when someone talks to me (as this guy just did) about how corporal punishment made them better people and parents. 

And then they spend the next half hour talking about all the substance abuse in their immediate family and how their kids and all their nieces and nephews have messed up home and school lives. 

This guy who teaches 11-year-olds then tells me what kids need these days is more discipline. 

And he was the most effed up person I’ve spoken with in a while. 

But, hey, getting wailed on by his parents was the best thing for him. 

The older I get, the more time I spend around well adjusted families, the more I am convinced that what kids need are parents they respect because those parents lead by example, and a home where they feel unconditionally loved and safe. 

Beating kids does not make them feel safe. 

Mommy’s Breaking Point

For all of my mommy and daddy friends. I know you’ve all been there.

Mummies Breaking Point mommies kids headaches
How many of you mommies and daddies can relate to this?

The textbook definition of TMI

Yes, the fact that houses appear to have been purposefully set on fire is sad and criminal. But can you imagine being this reporter and suddenly this person in front of your camera fingers a possible culprit?

She acts as if she doesn’t want to reveal all she knows at first, but you can tell she’s just itching to tell-all.

I don’t want to “name no names,” but I certainly don’t mind narrowing it down for everyone and providing just about the best example of TMI I’ve run across recently.

And just in case you’re not clear, she’s married. To her husband. But her cousin wants to have sex with her.

Crazy. Just craziness.


Some boys like girl clothes. What’s the problem?

Some boys like girl clothes

This bit of parenting happiness comes from Ellen’s web site:

Dan Ewen’s 6-year-old son Gardner has never been all that interested in “boy clothes.”

Instead, he prefers to dress like his twin sister Moxie.

In the Ewen household, the freedom to be who you are is a top priority, and so to show support for Gardner, Dan tweeted a sweet note this week, and passed along an adorable picture to go with it.He tweets: “Sorry me letting my son wear a dress makes you uncomfortable. See I’m trying this crazy thing where I have his back no matter what, forever.”

What a beautiful way of putting it.

All kids should be so lucky to have a father who loves them this much.

It shouldn’t really be about anything more complicated than clothes. Some boys like girl clothes. And some girls like boy toys. And some boys like girl movies. And some girls like boy clothes — although girls have always been given a lot more leeway in this regard.

It’s OK for a girl to want to do boy things. It’s a step up. But boys who want to be girls? Absolutely not. That is failure as a boy.

I don’t see how forcing children to be afraid of such minor things teaches them anything useful other than to cave into groupthink on issues for which total strangers should have no say.

If it is freighted with social issues baggage that is society’s issue with which it really should have come to terms long ago in an allegedly educated populace.

Source: Dad Tweets Beautiful Statement in Support of His Child |  

Queens post office may be named for PFLAG pioneers

The New York State Congressional Caucus

This is nice:

Today, Rep. Joe Crowley (D-Queens, the Bronx), Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus, announced that he has secured support from all 27 members of New York’s Congressional delegation to rename the Jackson Heights Post Office in honor of late Queens residents and equal rights advocates Jeanne and Jules Manford.

Crowley introduced his legislation honoring the Manfords for their work in advocating for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in May. Securing the delegation’s support is a crucial step toward bringing the bill up for consideration in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“With the support of the entire New York Congressional delegation, I know the dream of honoring Jeanne and Jules Manford can soon become a reality,” said Crowley. “Jeanne and Jules were instrumental in the fight for equal rights, and their incredible legacy can be felt throughout Queens, New York, and the entire country. It is only fitting that we name the post office that sits along the route of the Queens Pride Parade in their honor, and I thank my colleagues for lending their names to this important effort.”

Jeanne and Jules Manford formed Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) after their openly gay son Morty was beaten for protesting news coverage of the gay rights movement in 1972.

We should all be so lucky to have such loving, wise parents.

Morty Manford with his mother, Jeanne, in the 1972 Christopher Street Liberation Day march.

Source: Vice Chair Crowley Announces Statewide Support for Bill to Rename Post Office after Late LGBT Rights Advocates | Congressman Joseph Crowley

He came prepared

Awesome Kiss Cam.

It’s a sad holiday for our superheroes