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Welcome to Wisconsin!

You can exercise with anything you find around the house, garage — even the television news studio. ANYTHING! As these good ole boys will show you.

Now and then the local morning news programs have a producer who books a segment with local citizens who prove to be unintentionally charming and amusing.

Now get off that couch and break out those cinder blocks and beer kegs and get yo ass movin’!

I love this so much. I really do.

Wait for the tennis racquets, which made me think these guys might have been putting everyone on.

My kind of yoga

“Now breathe and stretch that spoon out.”

At the gym: looking good, doing it wrong

She’s gonna kill her back some day doing that.


Has anyone seen her waif-ish date? He's gone missing.


"You don't know what that means!"

Brilliant. Inspired. LMAO.


Lady, what exactly is it you are preparing your mouth for?

How would you like to print in 3D — in chocolate?

Man, oh man. This will be the invention that launched a thousand waistlines:

We live in a magical, magical world. A world where we can print almost anything we want in chocolate. Yes — chocolate. 3D Systems and The Hershey Company are basically making your wildest confectionery dreams come true with the CocoJet, a 3D printer for delicious chocolate. You can choose among dark, milk or white chocolate for your creations (though, we all know that white chocolate isn’t really chocolate). And so long as your desired shape isn’t too complicated, the CocoJet should be able to spit it out.

Ladies and gentleman, I have seen the future. And it is deliciously fat and chocolatey.


You think you know what's going to happen next, and then….


Bodybuilders argue over how many days there are in a week

You can read the entire exchange at this link at

HowManyDaysInA week

Here's a road race I can really get behind