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Happy International Darwin Day!

Today is International Darwin Day and to celebrate I’m reading some excellent articles from the nice people at, starting with this referral page which acts as my one-stop go-to resource to which I send people who don’t think they know enough about evolution to make an informed decision about its existence. You might just want to skip to the Evolution 101 page.

Because we all want to be open-minded and educate ourselves, right? Because we are never too old to learn new stuff.

However, if you’re just not in the mood right now for those more time-consuming articles, you can watch the video on this page from PBS’s Nova about Darwin and evolution and how our understanding of it has changed since his time. Or any one of a number of these Ted Talks which explain some of the uncounted ways evolution shows itself on earth.

One of my favorites (below) talks about how humans might evolve to better survive long periods in space.

Google Doodle on Lucy steams the wingnuts

Christian conservatives are unhappy with the Google Doodle (see above) celebrating the anniversary of the discovery of Lucy.

Witness the stupidity. Someone call the waaahmbulance:

Lucy Google Doodle wingnuts