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Fox News, fingers in ears, screams “la, la, la, la, la!”

I love this tweet so much I had to share it.

The possibilities are endless with the indictment of Manafort, et. al. This signals to every person in Trump’s orbit that anything is fair game.

And whom do you suppose in the Trump rogues’ gallery of grifters has evaded taxes, at the very least?

Bannon? The Trump children? Trump himself?

That’s the thing about a special prosecutor. He is ostensibly looking for collusion with the Russians in the election. But if, in his investigation into that area, he runs across something else against the law? Tough luck, pal. 

You know Donald Trump has something in his closet. This guy can grab pussies with impunity. Who knows what other rules he thought don’t apply to him?

This is eventually gonna push Orange Dear Leader over the edge. You know it will.

Fox News is going to have to queue up a lot of B-roll for shitty stories on America’s favorite candies and laundry detergents to keep everyone’s mind on something else. Good luck with that.

In most other presidential administrations an indictment of a key player would leave us wondering who else is dirty. With these people you have to wonder who isn’t. The lot of them have the faint whiff of grift about them.

The show begins today. Where it will lead is anyone’s guess. 

These are interesting and very dangerous times in which we live.  A federal prosecutor just threw down the gauntlet to a mentally unstable president with access to the nuclear football.

Fox News’ official response to the Manafort indictment.

There’s another Ghostbusters trailer out

Despite the shitstorm of criticism raining down upon its all-female cast — much of that being just the worst sort of woman-hating imaginable in 2016 — I think the new Ghostbusters movie looks fun. And this trailer makes it look even more so.

Screw misogyny, boys. It’s so 1980’s.

Chicago Museum Week is almost here!

Chicago Museum Week

I am am so stoked for this event!

From the organizers’ press release:

While Chicago is known for many things – from architecture to food – its world-class museums are among the top draws for people visiting the city. To celebrate the city’s outstanding cultural institutions, Museums In the Park, an association of museums on Chicago Park District land, will host Chicago’s inaugural Museum Week, kicking off Oct. 1, 2015. With 12 of Chicago’s institutions participating, Museum Week will be seven days of exclusive offers, events and special programs with an opportunity to explore what makes each institution special.

“Chicago Museum Week is a chance to rediscover Chicago’s most iconic institutions that connect us with exceptional collections of art, culture, history, science, animals and nature,” said Gary T. Johnson, president, Museums In the Park. “We want people to explore places that are new to them or visit old favorites. Chicago has a wealth of cultural institutions and Museum Week provides extra incentives and opportunities to visit them.”

During Museum Week, guests can visit the number one museum in the world as chosen by TripAdvisor travelers (The Art Institute), and the first museum on the planet to have two full-size planetarium dome theaters (Adler Planetarium). Visitors can check out museums housed in repurposed buildings, including the only remaining building from the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition (Museum of Science and Industry, and formerly occupied by The Field Museum), a police station (DuSable Museum of African American History) and the Humboldt Park Stables (National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture). At the National Museum of Mexican Art, guests can see the world’s largest Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, exhibit, and at the Chicago History Museum, guests can see Nathan Leopold’s glasses that implicated him and Richard Loeb in the murder of Bobby Franks in The Secret Lives of Objects exhibit.

You can get complete information, including links to ticket information for each of the museums, at our calendar listing.

Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival: so, you think you’re funny?

Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival

OK, all you jokers out there  — both figuratively and literally — you have just under a month to submit your original idea for the upcoming Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival, which has been held every January since 2002.

Here are some fun facts about the Festival:

  • Chicago SketchFest is the largest sketch comedy festival in the nation. The 2009 SketchFest featured more than 800 performers, representing over 100 groups, who performed over 120 shows.
  • While the majority of Chicago SketchFest performers are from Chicago (which, after all, is the sketch comedy capital of America), troupes from Boston, L.A., New York, Portland, Seattle, Milwaukee, Austin, and Denver have also performed at Chicago SketchFest.
  • In 2005, the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival went international for the first time, hosting groups from Toronto and Vancouver.
  • Unlike its cousin improv, sketch comedy consists of scripted short, satirical scenes. Strong writing is an extremely important element in sketch comedy.
  • For two weeks, the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival turns Stage 773 into a sketch comedy oasis, renting out the entire building and featuring simultaneous performances in all three theatres.
  • Chicago SketchFest features panels of sketch comedy experts each year who educate and entertain participants and the public with stories and advice. Participants have included Second City ‘s Sheldon Patinkin, Anne Libera and Kelly Leonard, Late Night with Conan O’Brian writer Kevin Dorff, Groundlings founder Gary Austin, Mick Napier of the Annoyance, Saturday Night Live ‘s Tim Kazurinsky, Reno 911!’s Carlos Alazraqui and Cedric Yarbrough, The Comic Toolbox author John Vorhaus and Charna Halpern of ImprovOlympic.

“Sketchfest” sounds like some of the weekends I used to have when I was partying.

Sound fun? Then get your funny self over to this link and fill out an application.

Applications for The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival 2016 will be accepted until October 15. The line-up will be announced November 15.

Sketchfest takes place from Jan 7-17, 2016 at the legendary Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont Avenue in Chicago.

Come be a part of the nation’s largest sketch comedy festival in Chicago, the city that has launched more comedy legends than any other.

Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival

National Geographic magazine shifts to for-profit status

National Geographic
A possible prediction of things to come with Fox merger with National Geographic?

Something about this marriage makes me very uncomfortable.

One of the world’s most respected research organizations pairs with a company that is a haven for science kooks and climate deniers? 

They say the research arm of National Geographic will remain as a non-profit and is not part of the deal. At least that is good news, although these things have a way of bleeding into one another when the goal are primarily money and entertainment and not science.

The NatGeo channel has been linked with Fox for some time, and some of the garbage that comes out of that pairing is just beyond dumb — Chasing UFOs, Doomsday Preppers, Kentucky Justice, Polygamy USA, Rocket City Rednecks and, finally, Science of Stupid, a show that might portend National Geographic’s future under Fox.

Here is the Washington Post’s take on it:

The National Geographic magazine, a nonprofit publication since its founding in 1888, will shift to for-profit status under a new partnership with 21st Century Fox, the entertainment company controlled by the family of Rupert Murdoch, the two partners said this morning.

The partnership, which will also include the National Geographic cable channel and the National Geographic Society’s other media assets, will be called National Geographic Partners. Fox will own 73 percent of the partnership, and Washington-based National Geographic Society will own the balance. Fox will pay $725 million to the Society for its stake in the partnership. This will push the Society’s endowment to more than $1 billion.

The monthly magazine, with its famous yellow-bordered cover, has been owned since its inception by the National Geographic Society of Washington, the educational and scientific organization based in Washington that has been a philanthropic organization from its beginning.

The Society will remain a non-profit, separately governed from National Geographic Partners. The partnership will be governed by a board comprised of an equal number of representatives from Fox and National Geographic.

National Geographic first partnered with Fox in launching the National Geographic Channel in 1997. The channel, which is available in 86 million homes in the U.S. and in 171 countries, is the largest and most lucrative asset that the Society owns. It also owns several smaller cable channels in partnership with Fox.

The new partnership will own the channels, the magazine and other National Geographic Society media assets, such as a book and map publishing division, a catalog operation and a travel agency.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure a lot of the stuff offered on National Geographic channels is fine as entertainment. National Geographic

But they’re not the caliber of show one might expect from National Geographic.

Conservatives have long insisted that channels like NatGeo are proof that the profit motive can produce documentaries and that public funding of PBS is unnecessary.

I think NatGeo proves that public funding for PBS is not only necessary, it’s vital if we want documentary programming that is not a slave to popular tastes that do not run toward the, shall we say, cerebral.

Source: National Geographic magazine shifts to for-profit status with Fox partnership – The Washington Post

Fox News


The Gremlins 2 planning session had some outside help

Now we know why Gremlins 2 was so awful.

It had the help of Star Magic Johnson Jr., an outside consultant with fab taste in glasses and clothes, but questionable instincts in movie-making.

What about a brainy gremlin?

You talkin’ ’bout a brainy gremlin with glasses who can talk and sing “New York, New York”?

That’s brilliant. It’s in the movie — done.


Gremlins 2

Meet Zach King, video king of Vine (and other platforms)

Fun Vine, huh?  It’s part of a series of the producer getting ready for work or school or something. Someone posted it today on Facebook where it scrolled across my wall.

Parents, this is what you might create if you give your child a camera at a very young age.

Meet Zach King:

I started my journey in film when I was 7 years old when my parents gave me the home video camera at a wedding. Since that moment, i’ve had the film bug in my blood. I love entertaining people, making them laugh and wonder about life.

When I was a freshman in film school (Biola University), I started my youtube channel where I started posting my film projects. I remember making a video called Jedi Kittens, posting it, and waking up to a million views on the video!! – you can say I had caught the viral video bug!! I continued to develop my youtube channel to almost 100 million views.

In September of 2013 I opened a vine account and posted my first vine video. I opened the app and I challenged myself to create one vine video a day for one month. It’s been an incredible joy to create videos for my audience and I hope to be brining fun entertainment to my fans for many more years, on vine, youtube, television, and someday the big screen!

If you are here looking for my vine videos, you can watch them here.

Watch some of my youtube videos here, they are kinda like longer vine videos.

Zach has issues with capital letters. Oh, well.

His future lies not in editing text. It’s in creating videos. I love that the internet allows talent like this to grow and flourish.

From Portland, Oregon originally, somehow King had missed my notice, but this is a guy with a bright future in video production and entertainment, although he hardly needs anyone’s endorsement at this point. He is that popular already.

Plus he seems very sweet and optimistic and spends a great deal of his online efforts helping other aspiring video production hopefuls. That says a lot about someone who is so young. No matter your age, video production beginners could learn a lot from this guy.

Zach King



Melissa McCarthy's new movie looks to be hilarious

High concept. Low brow humor. My stock-in-trade.

Niagara Falls haunted attraction has some hilarious pics snapped at the scariest point in the tour

Fear Factory keeps a counter on its web site ticking off the number of people who have chickened out before reaching the end (and the scariest part) of their attraction — more than 120,00 thus far. For those who do choose the brave the unknown, there is a camera waiting to snap guests’ reaction. They change weekly and monthly and they are a goldmine of really funny shots.

It’s no secret to regular readers of this blog that I love haunted houses. I’ve worked in them as an “actor” (using that term very loosely) and been through many of them over the years. I’ve loved almost very minute of it, except for the really cheesy ones where you just have people jumping out at you with no real costuming, lighting or set design. Bogus.

What is it about something that we all know is fake yet nonetheless makes grownups scream in fear? The element of surprise is most of it. But there is something deeper I don’t quite understand, but don’t really have to. It’s just fun to watch and to do.

Incidentally, Rob Zombie is staging his haunted attraction here in Chicago. Anyone want to go? Contact me from the About Me page.

A sample pic taken at just the right moment at the Fear Factory in Niagara Falls.
A sample pic taken at just the right moment at the Fear Factory in Niagara Falls.


Wow, Luke and Leia really look like shit