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A hilarious look at “sleeping” twin toddlers

What happens after the lights go out and twin toddlers are in their cribs thinking nobody is around? This. I love this so much!

And I thought having a new dog was a handful.

This is so much awesome in one video, especially after Dad comes in to put them back to bed.

Catholic League cries “fake news!” despite mass grave

Police search for bodies at site of former Catholic Mother and Baby Home in Ireland.

Just when you think Bill Donohue can’t sink any lower, he now insists that despite a mass grave and witness corroboration  — you know, proof-type stuff — Irish Catholic scandal (and possible cases of infanticide) is fake:

The president of the Catholic League has denounced the Tuam Baby scandal as ‘fake news’.

Despite “significant quantities” of human remains discovered at the site of the former mother and baby home in Co Galway, US-based conservative Bill Donoghue claims there is “no evidence of a mass grave”.

“It was a lie in 2014 and it is a lie in 2017,” he wrote on “The hoax is now back again, and an obliging media are running with the story as if it were true. Any objective and independent reporter would be able to report what I am about to say, but unfortunately there are too many lazy and incompetent reporters prepared to swallow the latest moonshine about the Catholic Church.

“If there was a Pulitzer for fake news, the competition would be fierce. Mass graves. Sexually assaulted women. Children stolen. It is all a lie.”

Independent councillor for Tuam Billy Connelly told the Irish Independent he cannot understand how anyone could denounce the evidence already presented.

He said: “I can’t see how he could make a statement like this. The evidence on what they found is pretty well solid. What’s in that mass grave and talking to local people is unquestionable. That’s the first time I have heard anyone come up with a conspiracy to this. The facts are there and it’s very insulting.”

Of course someone as reprehensible as Donohoe would go to Donald Trump’s playbook as a way of lying his way through yet another horror from the past with the Catholic Church.

Meanwhile, more Ireland coverage here and here — and here where a nun is accused of “lying through her teeth.”

Bill Donahue and his character where he was skewered on South Park.

I don’t want to fight. Let’s hug.

Tiny kids are just the best.

We must protect the children

From everything but real threats.

Who will protect the children’s minds?

“Who will protect the children?”

Some form of that question has been used to justify all manner of bigotry along the lines of race, sexual orientation and gender, just to name three. 

But so few seemed to be willing to stand up for the opposite way of thinking. Namely, what about the harm that is done to children when they are taught that closing one’s mind off to critical reasoning skills is a way to ward off evil spirits, and that too much schooling can be a bad thing? Who will protect the kids from adults who traffic in myths and bigotry?

If the Trump ascendancy teaches us anything, it’s that America is failing to teach its children to think critically, which makes them easy marks as adults for all kinds of charlatans, including political

Now there is a group which hopes to compete on equal footing where it is possible in order to offer an alternative to parents who want something more for their kids.

Meet the good folks at Young Skeptics:

The mission of Young Skeptics is to promote and facilitate critical thinking and evidence-based learning among the youth of local school districts.  We believe in discovery through tangible problem solving and the scientific method, and refrain from offering supernatural explanations for occurrences in nature.  Young Skeptics is committed to teaching children how to think, not what to think.

Young Skeptics was started to counter groups that were going into public schools and proselytizing young kids, all with the approval of local school districts:

Young Skeptics is sponsored by The Better News Club, Inc. (BNC), an incorporated non-profit organization run by a board of directors consisting of unpaid volunteers.   

The BNC/Young Skeptics was created first as an alternative to the Good News Club, a Christian evangelical group who enters public schools to proselytize to children and, according to their own materials, declares them all sinners in need of salvation.  The BNC/Young Skeptics feels the approach of Good News Club is a form of psychological abuse, akin to telling small children they’re flawed or evil, and must subscribe to a dogma in order to avoid eternal punishment.  It’s a fear tactic that accompanies extremism and is a dangerous, albeit effective, technique when performed on children who trust adults and believe what they’re told.  This is why Young Skeptics originated at Fairbanks Elementary School in Churchville, NY, to give children (and parents) an alternative to the Good News Club that is operating there.

Young Skeptics operates in stark opposition to the Good News Club’s philosophy, understanding it’s more important to teach children how to make belief decisions for themselves, rather than accept claims presented to them without thinking critically about those claims.  In Young Skeptics sessions, children are encouraged to ask questions, make discoveries, and challenge the ideas presented to them.  

Despite the reasons Young Skeptics was created, the organization has blossomed into something unique and exciting.  Our curriculum is based on science, critical thinking, evaluating evidence, and navigating through the misinformation that kids are surrounded with today — and has nothing to do with religion or irreligion.  Religion is not discussed in Young Skeptics sessions, nor is atheism or any other belief system.  We believe such discussions belong in homes and churches, and not in public schools.

Young Skeptics is relatively new, but it is managing to get a growing number of school districts to agree to let them come into their systems, with local parental approval and supervision, to offer something that encourages kids to use their minds.

This would not have been possible not long ago, since the rights of religious leaders to proselytize freely in schools was pretty much unquestioned on official levels, and any opposition to dogmatic religion was muted.

Now with the rise of non-believers in America, or at least the increase in the number of people who see much of organized conservative religion in America as the mouthpiece of the Republican Party, this kind of effort seems possible if it is handled correctly.

Don’t make it about being against religion. (Young Skeptics does not make that their focus in any way.) Be in favor of education and more information and science. Let kids and their parents handle religion while we teach how to think critically and make up their own minds.

You can contact them here.

Note also that they need help and they need donations.


Hey, my parents beat me, and look at me! I turned out fine. 

It’s always a little sad and bit annoying when someone talks to me (as this guy just did) about how corporal punishment made them better people and parents. 

And then they spend the next half hour talking about all the substance abuse in their immediate family and how their kids and all their nieces and nephews have messed up home and school lives. 

This guy who teaches 11-year-olds then tells me what kids need these days is more discipline. 

And he was the most effed up person I’ve spoken with in a while. 

But, hey, getting wailed on by his parents was the best thing for him. 

The older I get, the more time I spend around well adjusted families, the more I am convinced that what kids need are parents they respect because those parents lead by example, and a home where they feel unconditionally loved and safe. 

Beating kids does not make them feel safe. 

Intruder alert


A children’s guide for online political discussion

Everything you need to know to be certain your precious snowflakes grow up to be intolerant of dissent and are willing to proclaim it to the world online.


If pictures could talk….

I wonder what Melania was thinking when this pic was taken?


Mommy’s Breaking Point

For all of my mommy and daddy friends. I know you’ve all been there.

Mummies Breaking Point mommies kids headaches
How many of you mommies and daddies can relate to this?