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Bad kitty!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to those who celebrate it.

And to all my cat lover friends and followers.

We must protect the children

From everything but real threats.

When incompetent cartoon characters match real life

It’s striking how often The Simpsons and Family Guy inadvertently anticipated today’s Republican Party.

When GOP Congresspeople go home 

Life as a coward on the run from righteous anger. 

Check the closets!

Cupid stays out drinking too late

“See this fucking sash?!”

Stand by….

This is likely what your kids think of when they think of the time before instant messaging.



Wow, the Office help paper clip has really gotten sophisticated.

Poor OCD Santa Claus

Regimented Saint Nick can’t help himself. He can’t stop checking his list or walking around his sleigh exactly three times before he gets onto it.

I’ll take “Where Did Clinton Hide The Bodies?” for $400, Bob

Via The New Yorker
Via The New Yorker

A day at the Cat Museum

No interest whatsoever for the Meowna Lisa.