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Aeromexico’s advert in response to Trump

A public service announcement (PSA) which comes from a corporation with nearly $3 billion in revenue is automatically suspect on some levels, but I will give Aeromexico (and its ad agency Ogilvy and Mather Mexico) major props for a powerful statement nonetheless. 

This ad hits all the right notes.

For people who are extremely close with their cat

Perhaps a bit too close with their cat.

Watch out for hairballs.

Phallic Xmas light display in NYC irks some

The offending phallus.

Some busybodies have too much time on their hands:

A massive, multi-colored penis made of Christmas lights adorning the penthouse window of a luxury rental building overlooking a busy corner has neighbors fuming.

The phallus went up [in the neighborhood] last weekend and has been raising eyebrows, inspiring chuckles and inciting annoyance in people who don’t know what to tell their children.

“It’s rude and vulgar, it’s definitely wildly inappropriate,” said Justin Abenchuchan, 28, who walked by the lights Thursday afternoon and snapped a photo, admitting he was going to share it with all his friends.

“I don’t think it’s right for a family-friendly neighborhood,” said Alyson Redinger, 32, who lives around the corner and recently had a child of her own. “Are you 18? How old are you? It makes me mad.”

A man who lived in the apartment with the massive phallus said that his roommate had strung up the lights last weekend. “It’s a joke,” he said, declining to give his name. When asked about the concerns of neighbors with young children he said: “It hasn’t come up. I haven’t thought about it.”

Good for you “man who lived in the apartment with the massive phallus,” which sounds like quite the responsibility when you take it out of context.

Source: 6-Foot Penis-Shaped Christmas Light Display Angers Williamsburg Neighbors – Williamsburg – New York

Welcome to college

Ramen college nutrition

Congressman posts tongue-in-cheek Speaker Wanted ad

Mark Takano Speaker of the House Craigslist


Now is the time on Sprockets when we dance!

A scene from the Rampage 3 trailer — which may be about as far as the angry filmmaker behind Rampage 1 & 2 might get with this one. Click on the screen cap to go to the trailer.

It used to be difficult to find anyone on the funny-or-not-funny fence about comedian Mike Meyer’s masterful rendition of Dieter, the host of the wacky German talk show Sprockets on old episodes of Saturday Night Live (SNL). Perhaps you had to have spent time around actual German hipsters to get the joke. Perhaps it wasn’t funny at all and I’m just weird.

Dieter would pop off with the oddest quotes in his witheringly judgmental monotone in abject nihilism.

Said Dieter of an artist he liked — as much as he could like anything:

“Why is it that the truly brilliant are doomed to a life of obscurity, surrounded by a sea of mediocrity, only to end up covered in sores in a pool of their own filth? Oh well, the beat goes on.”

Indeed it does.

I was reminded of Dieter this week when I discovered German film director Uwe Boll took to YouTube to decry the fact that his Kickstarter campaign to fund Rampage 3: No Mercy is going so badly with only a few days left to give.

He hates Kickstarter. He hates people who gave money. He hates people who didn’t give money. He hates Hollywood. He hates pretty much everyone.

Please donate. Ha!

After he rants on and on during a first YouTube posting — charmingly titled “fuck you all” — he comes back for a second drink at the deep well of bitterness.

Dieter would be proud.

And here is YouTube posting number two.

Alaska Airlines offers discounted flights to LGBT pride events; conservative crybabies wail for their mommies

Conservatives love the free market and its ability to allow the profit motive to determine how any company chooses to legally advertise its servicies — until they don’t, of course:

An airline has infuriated Republicans – by offering to fly gay people to Pride events across the US for a discount. AlaskaAirlines

Alaska Airlines – which carries the name of the state known more for being the home of anti-gay politician Sarah Palin than for inclusiveness – made the offer as part of an ‘LGBT travel’ stunt.

Though it doesn’t exclusively apply to LGBT people, the airline has discounted flights to Pride events in a number of cities across the US.

It offers flights at a discount to Pride events including LA, New Orleans and Boston – in a move that has infuriated conservatives in the country.

Alaska Air said: “At Alaska, we have been longtime supporters of the LGBT community and remain committed to a more equitable society. We were elated when the State of Washington expressed the same commitment by legalizing marriage for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity.”

via Airline offering discount flights to gay people · PinkNews.

Ireland’s Supreme Court rejects two challenges to victorious public same-sex marriage vote

Give the anti-gay zealots credit for one thing, and one thing only: they are tenacious in their bigotry:

The [Irish] High Court heard arguments today that claimed the result was unduly influenced and should be considered invalid.

Gerry Walshe claimed the Yes campaign had too many posters in comparison to the No side, and this was a sign of bias in funding. YesPosterOnBuilding

He said: “This is not an anti-gay issue, it’s a failure of the referendum process.

“I take it as an accepted principle that the government are not allowed to fund a campaign to achieve a particular result.”

In a separate complaint, Maurice Lyons is reported to have argued that the referendum was unlawful, and would introduce confusion into the constitution.

Judge Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns found there were no grounds to support either case, and said putting same-sex marriage on hold was not an option.

I hope everyone has learned a lesson from all of this political maneuvering and grandstanding about how conservative civil rights are being trampled upon by the gays.

  1. If you pass a pro-LGBT law in a legislature, city council or some other local body, they will say the will of the majority was circumvented.
  2. If a local, state or federal court rules that anti-LGBT discrimination is against the law, they will call it judicial tyranny.
  3. If you take the vote directly to the people and the wingnuts STILL lose, they will argue using the high-concept legal notion that the gays had more posters than they did.

Which side is most the danger to democracy?

via High Court rejects objections to Ireland marriage referendum · PinkNews.

Because you’re worth it


Brand name lost in translation?