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This is me in the morning


If life were like Broadway


Goldfish? Who flushes goldfish?


Caution: high winds ahead


No need to wash your hands afterward

I’ll bet if you do masturbate and then shake hands with Satan, he doesn’t really care if your hands are greasy or you leave slippery handprints on his doorknobs.


Well, that was awkward

Most uncomfortable newlyweds ever. I smell an arranged marriage.

Oooh, snap!


This is one lucky guy

What do I like the most about this shot?

The fact that you can tell from the look on his face that he knows in his heart that he is one lucky guy. Too many people in this age cannot appreciate the beauty of things so simple.

The love of a dog. The love of another person. And both comfortable enough in your presence to go to peacefully to sleep on you.

As long as I had these things  — with a guy, of course— I could live with just enough to money pay my bills, put a roof over our head, deal with medical emergencies, and do enough things (not have things) to make sure we both feel as if we are growing emotionally and intellectually.

But after love, anything else is just gravy.

Did I say how much I love this picture?


Great sign


I hope somebody told the poor old guy about this