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Jeff Epperly jefferly.com
Jeff Epperly, the founder of this blog, at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand — one of his favorite countries to visit.
  1. I am from Boston, where I lived and worked as a newspaper editor and columnist before that industry tanked. I have won several writing awards from the New England Press Association, a respected mainstream press association covering that part of the country. When journalism tanked as an industry, I moved on to high-level administrative work and computer training and education.
  2. I now live in Chicago, where I moved in October 2014. Which I love. 
  3. I am a freelance writer. Got an assignment in blogging or other news, opinion or feature writing? Contact me. I ghost write for several smart, high-profile people who cannot write or don’t have the time. I don’t need the attention. You get the credit. (No, I will not tell anyone who they are.)
Jeff Epperly jefferly.com
Jeff Epperly, lower left, having dinner with his friends Scott Leibowitz, lower right, Jane Clementi and James Clementi, founders of the Tyler Clementi Foundation. (The family of Tyler Clementi is “focused on creating a new story of inclusion, dignity and acceptance for other youth and their families as a way to honor the memory of their son, brother and friend.”) http://www.tylerclementi.org

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  1. Annie’s brother!! I love Anne Marie and Kathy so so much. I want their life which seems full and fun and filled with love and affection. Awesome. I’ve heard good things about you!

  2. You wrote: “Favorite leisure activities: being around the ocean, dancing, reading, writing, and working out. Yes, I have work out tips, if you’re interested and scared of starting to work out. Write to me at the e-mail address above. I’m a firm believer that you are never too old to begin working out.”

    Jeez, you talking about me?? Love all that stuff and do it as much as possible. Great blog!

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