Quite the wedding brawl on Boston’s North Shore

I’d say this is a marriage that is doomed from the start:

For two North Shore families, the wedding Saturday night at the Danversport Yacht Club will be memorable — for all the wrong reasons.

The mother of the groom ended up in handcuffs, another young woman was also arrested, and the groom himself may be facing assault charges, police said.

Darlene DeIorio, 45, of Revere pleaded not guilty to charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest during her arraignment Monday in Salem District Court.

Danvers police were called to the function hall just after midnight Sunday for a report of a “groom out of control.”

It all started when the groom’s brothers tried to buy drinks at the bar and were refused. The groom was “irate” and began yelling at an employee, according to Patrolman Scott Frost’s report.

When a member of the bride’s family asked him to calm down, he grew more enraged, punching a wall and tearing the coat room apart, police said. The bride’s brother tried to intervene and wound up being punched.

As the groom and his new brother-in-law wrestled on the floor, the groom’s mother, Darlene DeIorio, went after the bride’s mom, police said.

By the time police arrived, there was a large crowd of people around the two women. Officers eventually pulled DeIorio away and took her outside. But somehow, she managed to get back inside, where police spotted her throwing a chair across the floor and then attacking another woman.

Meanwhile, the groom was “out of control,” Frost said in his report, but left before police could arrest him.

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