Wow, the Office help paper clip has really gotten sophisticated.

About those tax breaks Donald Trump promised to Carrier


As this clip from Roseanne shows, it’s as if Americans learned nothing from all those years of watching that very popular show with its blue collar viewers. A show that championed working people. Many of whom just voted for a billionaire with zero record of showing he cares about them.

Somebody has to pay for roads and schools and emergency services. Just not the companies who get tax breaks. All of which pack up and move those jobs overseas anyway once the tax breaks expire.

Meanwhile we have not enough money to fix most of our substandard bridges, and schools hold fundraisers to buy school supplies.

Gee, I wonder why?

Poor OCD Santa Claus

Regimented Saint Nick can’t help himself. He can’t stop checking his list or walking around his sleigh exactly three times before he gets onto it.

Trump Supporters Tell CNN Why They Think 3 Million People Voted Illegally: ‘You Could Find It on Facebook’ | Mediaite

I’m on the fence about sharing this stuff because it’s so crazy.

But if one fact-free person sees this and decides they will no longer be fooled by a GOP that is using them again, it will be worth it.

Trump’s Permanent Twitter Campaign | New Republic

But we knew this already. It’s nice of TNR to catch up

Trump’s Economic Cabinet Picks Signal Embrace of Wall St. Elite –

Will working class Trump voters now admit they were all played by the biggest con game in American history?

Man, does this Ivanka Trump book suck

I’ll just leave this right here to give you some idea of what an awful preening shitshow HRH Ivanka’s book really is. 

“Ivanka Trump’s 2009 self-help book, ‘The Trump Card,’ opens with an unlikely sentence: ‘In business, as in life, nothing is ever handed to you.'”

Jia Tolentino in The New Yorker

If you’d like more, click on the link above or on the book cover below.

Ivanka's book, which she totally would have gotten published if she were not Trump's daughter. No, we're serious. STOP LAUGHING YOU GUYS!
Ivanka’s book, which she totally would have gotten published if she were not Trump’s daughter. No, we’re serious. STOP LAUGHING YOU GUYS!

There’s something remarkable happening in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district – The Globe and Mail

It’s all so clear now

So those are the keystrokes to make that symbol?


I’ll take “Where Did Clinton Hide The Bodies?” for $400, Bob

Via The New Yorker
Via The New Yorker

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